Nooni - English



baʼbobaʼhl.Lhlbaʼ yamten1/2kind of fish which may rest on a stone in the river and appears to be "sucking" the stone
baHv1shine2be whitekeebababaabaàbaɛ
baa1HHv1detach or remove2pull3separate from4choose or select something from among a group5appoint or elect; name someone for a position, task, or responsibilitykeebaabaa, baayɛbaale, baayibaalè, baayìbaalɛɛ, baayɛɛ
baa2MMv1weed grass using a hoe2scrape; remove something from a surface by repeated rubbing or by pushing a hard sharpened edge across itkeebaabaalɛbaalebaalèbaalɛɛkpwaa
baa3bobaaLHEnglish:papan1/2father; a term of respect; men are addressed by the name of their son, such as Baa NfinyoBaa Nfinyo nu fɛɛ?Where is Baa Nfinyo?
baa4MMnegno, not; the first of two negative markers in a grammatical construction, the second of which is Bó baa kfun kɛ.They have not hit.
baa5HHadjthe colour whitebaa bvuuadjwhite as cloudbaa jiwejiweadjcream whitebaa kacikaciadjdirty white, not freshbaa kaŋkaŋadjdirty white, unwashed in colourbaa kpwaŋadjwhite as ashesbaa lalalalaadjshining whitenessbaa ŋgɛshɛɛŋadjfaintly shining whitebaa sasasaadjsparkling white brightness
baa bonyiiHH MMLv1elect or select people2appoint peoplebaa, baayɛ bonyiibaale, baayi bonyiibaalè, baayì bonyiibaalɛɛ, baayɛɛ bonyiicaw bonyii
baa fincunHH LLvexorcise or remove objects that are reported by a diviner to have been put in a person’s bodybaa fincunbaale fincunbaalè fincunbaalɛɛ fincunbaa ŋgaŋ
BaaluHHMnpquarter in Din located on the southern plain below Din
baamLHLamnsoʼv1take advantage2use something as a stepping stone3half-hearted effort4shy away fromkeebaambaamɛbaamebaamèbaamɛɛ
baancɛHHHv1gather2prepare3get ready, get set4pack or accumulate5assemble6urge someoneƐ̀ baancì mwɛɛm mvun.You should be packing these things.keebancɛbancɛbaancibaancìbaancɛɛfacɛ, cin
baa ntamMM Lvmove a step
baa ntaŋMM Mvsuggestbaa, baayɛ ntaŋbaale, baayi ntaŋbaalè, baayì ntaŋbaalɛɛ, baayɛɛ ntaŋ
baaŋLLadv1real; actually existing2genuine3without doubt
baa ŋgaŋHH Lvexorcise; drive out an evil spirit or free a person or place from evil spiritsbaa fincun
BaaweHLlhBawenpquarter of Din
baayHHquant1much or very much; a word that intensifies the word it is modifying2great in quantity, amount, extent, or degree3utterly4totally or completely5intenselyMe ntɛmyi baay.I am very strong/well.Díew Nooni tɛmyi baay!The Nooni language is very difficult!katekate
baayɛ bikaaHHH MMMid1appreciate by offering a gift to the one being appreciated2give a token to someone who has gone on an errand or delivered a convocation (if the nfon sends a messenger from the palace with a convocation to deliver to someone, it is necessary for the recipient to appreciate and acknowledge the convocation by giving the messenger a token, even if the convocation is of a negative nature; failure to give the token means the recipient did not actually receive the convocation; he then can find himself in more trouble)3quicken your steps; usually addressed to someone lagging behind others with whom he/she is moving
baba1LHPidginvcarry a baby on the backmemee
baba2HHn4spleen; a bodily organ located at the left of the stomach (the spleen produces lymph cells and destroys worn-out red blood cells)
bacɛ1LHvshell; to remove grains such as removing corn from a cob or scales from a fishkeebacɛbacɛbacibacìbacɛɛ
bacɛ2HHvblame, accuse, or find fault with someoneWo baci wvú nje la?Why are you blaming him?keebacɛbacɛbacibacìbacɛɛ
bakabakaLLLLideohow someone as a thief moves in haste; hasty actionWvú lɛne bakabaka.He is moving hastily.
balaLLbalawadjforeign; of a country or nation or tribe other than one’s own country, nation, or tribeMe nu njeme díɛw bala keseen.I will speak English now.