leem1HHv1stand2arrive at a firm conclusion3stand on a matter or firmly hold something to be true4stand for or represent something as a picture or imagekeeleemleemɛleemeleemèleemɛɛleeme fwe wɛmHHH H Hid1bear witness2plead for meben nsawleeme tɛmyiMML MLvstand strong or persevere in difficultyleemɛ tɛmyileeme tɛmyileemè tɛmyileemɛɛ tɛmyileem ɛntelɛŋHH MMMv1intervene2intercept3stand in the middle or centrekeeliy ɛntelɛŋleemɛ ɛntelɛŋleeme ɛntelɛŋleemè ɛntelɛŋleemɛɛ ɛnteleŋleem fueHH Mvconceive or become pregnantkeeleem fueleemɛ fueleeme fueleemè fueleemɛɛ fueleem ntayHH Mv1give a good and honest account2stand firmleemɛ ntayleeme ntayleemè ntayleemɛɛ ntayleem ŋgoo leHH MM Hvline up in a row or queueleemɛ ŋgoo leleeme ŋgoo leleemè ŋgoo leleemɛɛ ŋgoo ledaa ŋgooleem weHH lhvstand up from a sitting positionleemɛ weleeme weleemè weleemɛɛ weja we, nɛ weleem yî diɛweHH M LL Hid1stand on one’s word2be faithfulleem yî kecɛɛy eid1stand on the truth2be faithful

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