leseHHv1put in2immerse3insertkeeleseleseleeseleesèlesɛɛlese bvufeeHH LHHidpay attentionlese bvufeeleese bvufeeleesè bvufeelesɛɛ bvufeelese ɛkolɛ; gɛɛ bvufee; gɛɛ ŋkpwawcɛ; nya bitemlese diuwHH MMidintrude or meddle in others’ business or affairsFo wo elese diuw fô mwɛɛm mvu bonyii bomew e kɛ.Do not meddle in other people’s affairs.lese ɛboHH MHidbe involved; literally "put hand"Wvú nu ɛ lese ɛbo fô fiɛɛ fì befe le.He has involved himself in a bad thing.lese ɛ̂ jooHH L MLvbaptise; churches observe various forms of baptism including baptism by immersion or putting the person under the water and by sprinkling water on the personlese ɛ̂ jooleese ɛ̂ jooleesè ɛ̂ joolesɛɛ ɛ̂ joolese ɛkolɛHH MMMvpay attentionWan nu ɛ lese ɛkolɛ yî ŋwa’ le.The child is a serious student.lese ɛkolɛleese ɛkolɛleesè ɛkolɛlesɛɛ ɛkolɛlese bvufee; gɛɛ bvufee; gɛɛ ŋkpwawcɛlese gvune ɛntuŋtuŋHH ML LMHid1listen to advice2pay attention to instructions; lit. "put feather in the ear" with the meaning of paying attention and giving heedKɛ wo yaa leese gvune entuŋtuŋ nje la?Why don’t you follow my instructions?yekelese yî ŋgɛwid1condemn by finding a person guilty of a crime and placing him/her under sentence of punishment2implicate someone in a crime or wrong doing3the final condemnation and judgment referred to in the Bible

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