joo2LLn9/10waterGɛnɛ ejo joo ewu.Go take water and drink it.joo bvulɛmLL MMn9/10water used for cooking fufujoo fowML Ln9/10nectar; a sweet liquid that bees collect from flowers to make honeyjoojooLLLLadjwaterywuŋewuŋejoo ketayumLL LHHn9/10lakemamasejoo mbaseLL LLn9/10saucejoo motoLL LHEnglish:motorn9/101any fuel used to power a motorised vehicle such as a motor car, motor cycle, "chaba", or tipper2petrol3gasoline4diesel fueljoo yi baayLL H HHn9/10any large body of water such as an ocean or lake

joo yi baay

joo yì gbweeLL M Hn9/10waterfall; the water of a stream falling from a higher level to a lower level, sometimes over rocks; such as the waterfall at Bongom between Lassin and Nkambe

joo yì gbwee

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