saŋ2Hv1write; to form letters, symbols, or characters on a surface with an implement such as a pen or pencil2drawNo cuwee to kee lɛ, kɛ kpwoon wvun yaa kee ŋwaʼ kɛ, ɛ wvú mum saŋ bigew ɛ bí duu fesɛn wvu lɛ bí ke dioo ɛ to ɛ wen ecoŋ kebɛse.Since the young man knew that the woman was illiterate, he decided to increase the amount of money demanded by the woman because he wanted to steal it.keesaŋsaŋɛsaaŋkesaaŋkèsaŋɛɛnsaŋ

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