nyaHvgivenNya me joo ɛ́ me ewu.Give me water and I will drink.keenyanyanyaanyaànyaɛnnyanya bitemH MHidpay attentionlese bvufee, lese ɛkolɛ, gɛɛ bvufee, gɛɛ ŋkpwawcɛnya dieeH MMMcu dieevname a childnya dieenyaa dieenyaà dieenyaɛ dieenya gvunneH MLvgive a high honour, title, or rank to someone by the symbolic giving of a feathernya gvunnenyaa gvuunenyaà gvuunenyaɛ gvuunenya jeH Lv1grant permission2go on a holidaynya jenyaa jenyaà jenyaɛ jenya keboH MHnya ɛboidto help someone in view of being helped in return, such as a woman who works with another on her farm for the other to work on hers in returnkeenya keboffumtfuse kebonya kejowH MHvpay a fine for faultnya kejownyaa kejownyaà kejownyaɛ kejow

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