bweebobweeML.LMLn1/2his/her mother; the plural indicates maternal relationskebweebwee boombobwee boomMM MM.LMM MMn1/2mother of childrenbwee bwee bwɛɛmMM MM MLn1/2maternal great grandmotherbwee bwee icɛmM M HLn1/2paternal great grandmotherbwee bwɛɛmMM MLn1/2maternal grandmotherbwee ɛboML.MHn1/2thumbbwee ɛkalɛbibwee bi bikaa leMM MMH.MMM MMM Hn7/8big toebwee icɛmM HLn1/2paternal grandmotherbwee kpwɛɛ wɛmMM MM Lmwɛsɛmn1/2mother in-lawbwee labobwee laMM H.LMMHn1/2head woman of the compoundbwee nfonMM Ln1/21nfon’s mother2a common female namebwee ŋguubobwee ŋguuMM MM.LMM MMn1/2woman of plentybwee shiebwée shieMM LL.MM HHbwi shiin9/10henbwee wanMM Mbwann1/21mother of a child2old woman (term of respect)bwee yewMM Mn1/2mother of the house, housewife

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