cee2bòceeMM.LMMn1/2fathercee bonyiiMM MMLn1/2father of people, nfoncee woŋcee boomMM MMn1/2father of the childrencee bvujenMM LMn1/2a man just married or about to be marriedWvú nu ke nu cee bvujen ɛjim jo kpwee wvun.He will be married next month.cee bwɛɛmMM MLn1/2my maternal grandfathercee cee bwɛɛmMM MM MLn1/2my maternal great grandfathercee cee icɛmMM MM HLn1/2paternal great grandfathercee ɛkolɛMM MMMn1/2leader or head personcee gbwenMM Mn1/2land lordcee icɛmbocee icɛmMM HL.LMM HLn1/2paternal grandfathercee kpwawMM Mn1/2rich person or wealthy personcee kpwɛɛ wɛmMM MM Ln1/2father-in-lawcee laMM Hn1/21head of a compound2administrator3minister in a churchCee la Bobane bô kpwɛse kɛŋke boom bomɛɛ?How many children do compound head Bobane and his wife have?cee nfonMM Ln1/2nfon’s fathercee ntewMM Ln1/2quarter headcee wɛmMM Ln1/2a term of endearment which communicates a deeper love than other Noni words or expressions for lovekoŋ; nsaacee woŋMM mln1/21president or head leader2nfon, chief, kingcee bonyiicee yewMM Mn1/2head of the house

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