woŋmln1/21world2country3specific geographic area; for an older Noni person who has never travelled outside of the Noni area, the term means only the very specific Noni area they are familiar with and in which they have had their entire life experience4Bibl.the morality, values, and way of living in the present world systemnshɛwoŋ bonyoʼml LLn1/2spirit worldwoŋ boŋkfu, ŋkfusaywoŋ boŋkfuml L LHn1/2world of the deadwoŋ bonyoʼ; ɛnyoʼwoŋ dikumidmountainous areawoŋ ɛgayml MHHn1/21grasslands2pasturewoŋ Nyoʼ len1/2heavenwewoŋ bo ŋkfulewoŋ tfuuid1the whole world2the whole landwoŋ wemɛnid1global or worldwide2universal; all places everywherewoŋ wvù bɛɛ kuuid1developing country2the developing world or "southern world" as it is commonly referred towoŋ wvu weMLHwoŋ Nyoʼ len1/2heaven, the country of Godwoŋ wvù yumml M Mn1/2desert; dry, arid area of land

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