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aPolite statement, often at the end of an answer. verbs
aaYou know it don't you?Aa ay siya obpay?Ah! Is that it?9.3Very
aapTo build up a fire by blowing or rearranging the wood.Bog.5.5.1Light a firecfago
aasTrees other than the batang "pine tree".1.5.1Treecfbatang
aawA holiday or obaya in Besao Proper right after the palay harvesting season.BesMen-obaya da tay nalpas nan ani.They will have a a holiday because the harvest season is over., sacrifice
aba1Honey.Inalada nan aban di aleg isnan kakaiwan.They got the honey bee in the woods. ingredientscfkaba1
aba2Taro.Wadan aba ay inalana.He got a taro. rootscflakat
aba3-en To carry someone on the back, usually with a carrying blanket eban.Abaem nan anakmo satakopay somaa.Carry your child on your back before we start to go home.7.3.1Carrycfeban
abab1-en To put soil between the stones when building a toping.SagAbabena nan tinopingna ta adi magday.He put soil between the stones he riprapped so it will not erode. field2To level or finish, as in a stonewall or toping. (Bes) Inabab na nan toptopingena sapay somaa. He finished his work in the toping before going home.cftoping
abagatan1South.Ninpaabagatanda id kawni.They went towards the south awhile ago., south, east, west2Of relating to the municipalities of Tadian and Bauko.BesIyabagatan nan inasawana. He married somebody from Abagatan.
abak1To defeat.Abakenmi dakayo.We will defeat you4.8.3War2in- An award or prize.Insaana san inabak na ay otik.He brought home his prize won piglet.4.2.7Play, fun
abakaAbaca.Maid abaka id isna.There is no abaca here.
abangTo rent.Alaek nan abangyo isnan baey.I will get your rent for the house.6.8.6Moneycfalkila
abanggaLarge cockroach, red or black.Binombaana nan abangga isnan kosina.He sprayed the cockroaches in the kitchen.
abangkayawSlippery.Naabangkayao nan daan.The path became slippery., slide
abatTo meet someone or somethingAbatenmi dakayo.We will meet you.7.2.3Move toward somethingcfsabatsab-at
abbabaliunspec. var.agagaliBesambabaliBesWhite ground grub of the abeb beetle.SagAdyak ay mangeg-een isnan abbabali tay menyam-es.I don't want to touch the abbabali because it is soft.
abbawDark red variety of camote . potato varieties
abbilatSister or brother-in-law (spouse's sibling's spouse.)Inmali si abilatmo.Your brother-in-law came.4.1.9Kinship
abbobokBubbling of water or other liquid.Menababbobok nan danum isnan ginawang.The water in the river is bubbling.
abbobowaYoung pitcher plant.Nadadanoman nan abbobowa.The pitcher plant has water in it. that grow on mountains
abbongaUpper, outer buttocks.2.1.2Torso
abemen- To weave cloth, using a back strap loom.Men-abeda ay winakgat tay siyan oblada.They weave everyday because it is their work. clothcfinabe
abebBeetle, edible, larger than the ab-abeng.No omodan dat maegew isnan masdem et mangabebda.If it rains then it clears in the evening they will go get beetles.
abekSleeping mat, whatever is put down to sleep on. (Sag) Iyaplagmo nan abek sakapay maseyep.Spread the sleeping mat before you sleep.