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daThey. (Objective or emphasized actor.) Them. (Subjective, focused actor.)Da Mary ken da innodina nan inmey.Mary and her younger siblings went.9.2.3Pronouns
da todiThose (near neither).Da todi nan nangala isnan liblo.They are the ones who got the book. pronouns
da tonaThese.Da tona nan kanak en iyalim.These are the ones I told you to bring. pronouns
da tosaThose (near you).Da tosa nan kaal-ali.They are the ones who just came. pronouns
daan1Still. There still is.Daanda pay laeng id isdi.They are still there.Wada pay nan daan ay obi.There still is camote. of speech
daan25 baa or fifty bundles of rice.Bog. ricecfbaa2
daan3To walk. Path.Mendaanka isnan daan ay baken nan om-a.Walk on the path and not on the camote field. past, over, through
daangenTwo joints under a house supported by stones.6.5.2Parts of a buildingcfkiling2
dadamaMuch.Dadama baw es iman nan inikkana.He did too much also.Adim dadam-en nan iyalem.Do not give me too much., much9.3Very
dadayTo haze a bride from another village.Dadayenda nan asawaena.They hazed his bride to be.2.6.1Marriage
daddapan di asoAn inedible mushroom variety called "footprints of a dog."
dadiThose (near neither).Siya dadi nan inikkak.Those are what I did. pronouns
dadkiyasTo disperse, scatter, as clouds or as people who are frightened.Ninbogawak dadat nadadkiyas et komaanda.I shouted then they dispersed and left., scatter
dadloSurely, certainly.siya dadlo sa nan ikkanyo.That certainly is what you should do.9.3Very
dadlokaetTo do something superficially or for compliance only.BesOlay dadlokaet nan inset ko danet wada.Even if my work is s ddone superficially but at least I have one., character8.3.7.1Bad
dad-at-en To tell a story to a melody or in rhyme.Mendaddad-at si alapona sapay maseyep.His grandparent sings a story before he sleeps.3.5.4Story
daelTo destroy something.Nadadel nan sinapona.What he did was destroyed.Ilo.7.9.3Destroy
daemBelow, bottom.Alaem nan liblo isnan daem di lamisaan.Get the book under the table., belowcfbowandinaemgawa id daem
daetThen, next; a clause conjunction.Nanganda daet omali si amana et agana siya.They ate then his father came and called for him.
daeyIrresponsible, careless of self despite consequence to those dependent on him, suicidal.Mendadaey ay mangikkan olay no kaeegyat.He insists to do it even if it is dnagerous.
daga1World, earth, fields.Wada nan linakowanda ay daga id Baguio.They bought a lot in Baguio.1.2World2Soil, land.1.2.1Land
dagas1To leak, drip out, of a container.Mendagas nan atep nan baeyda.The roof of their house leaks.1.3.2Movement of water
dagas2To stay for a short time.Nindagasak ken da Judy id Bagabag is dowa ay domingo.I stayed with Judy in Bagabag for two weeks. past, over, through
dagas3Suddenly.Nindagas di aso siya isnan nindaana.A dog suddenkly striked him when he went for a walk., brittle
dagawRed, brown, or blond in color.Dagaw nan bookna.His hair is brown.1.6.2Parts of an animal