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ebanA blanket used for carrying children.Inebanana nan anakna isnan nang-abaana.He used a blanket to carry his child at his back.
ebesNab-es nan ninesekana.He planted late. timecfnab-es
ebganGirls dormitory.Menteteeda isnan ebgan.They stay in the girls dormitory.6.5.1Buildingcfabongagamangatepbawibinangiyandap-ayinagamanginatepunspec. comp. form ofatepkalapawkamalinsagsagokotenokbob
ebwa1Water contained in a dug hole or pit.1.3Water
ebwa2Large spring, from Spanish aqua.1.3Water
eb-eb-an To set eggs on to incubate them.Ineb-eban nan manok nan itlogna.The chicken sat on its eggs to incubate them.
edamSexual intercourse.Nad-am nan betegna.His pig is intercoursed.2.6.3Birth
edan1Destination. -om- To arrive.Inomdan kami isnan labi id Baguio.We arrived at night in Baguio.2One's place., remaincfomdan
edegThe back of someone or somethingAnnaannawa nan edegna.His back is very wide.Kodkodam kad nan edegko.Please scratch my back. front of2.1.2Torso
edek1Fast. -an Often.Ed-edkana ay mangmangan dapay mallos nan iib-ana.He is taking his time eating while his companions went ahead.8.4.8Speed2For 3 or more people to pound.Menedekda ay tolo ay menbayo.The three of them pound with alternating strokes. ricecfedkan
edepTo extinguish a lamp.Edepem nan silaw.Put off the light.Ilo.5.5.3Extinguish a fire
edkanOften.Edkana ay men-ateated.He often beg.9.2Part of speechcfedek
eengNose.Andoando nan eengna.His nose is long.
eepdenTo control as control anger.Eepdena nan ligetna ngem adi kayet kabalin.He was controlling his anger but still it can't be. about
eetna- Tight, of something bound with cloth. -en To tighten.Ettem nan galotam ta adi nalaka ay makaan.Tighten the thing you tie so it will not easily loosen.
egaTuberculosis.Men-ega si amana.His father has tuberculosis.2.5.2Disease
egayNo, not, used with completed actions.Egayna inyali san binolodna.He did not return the thing he borrowed.9.4.6Yes
eged1-en Less motion than gedged.Nag-ed nan ledengna isnan gipan.His hand was cut with a knife.6.6.3Working with wood2na- Cut2.5.2.2Skin diseasecfgedged
egenHold.Men-inegenda ay dowa isnan mendad-aananda.They both hold hands while walking.
egesAbdomen, intestine.Iyegesanda nan napalti ay beteg.They remove and clean the intestines of the butchered pig.2.1.8Internal organs2.1.2Torso
egewSunshine, clear sky.Naegew dadlo id wani.At last, the sky is clear today.1.1.3Weather
egkaTo give something to someone.Egka kad isnan papelmo.Please give me some of your paper.7.4.1Give, hand to
egnan"You hold it".Egnanyo nan ledengna ta adi tomagtag.Hold his hand so he will not run away.
egtap1Cut and smooth weaving material (Bamboo or rattan).Egtapena nan owey ay lagaena is basket.He cuts and smoothens the rattan that he will weave for a basket.7.8.3Cut
egtap2Cut and smooth weaving material.Egtapana nan owey ay ilagana.He cuts and smoothens the rattan for weaving.7.8.3Cut