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i-pfxA prefix added to a geographical name to mean "the people of place name."Inmali nan iBaguio.The people of Baguio came.
ibaliwTake care of; -wan Protect.Ibaliwana nan innodina isnan mangsoksokil ken siya.He protect his younger sibling from those who do bad against him. for
ibasA weed that grows in the ricefields.Omey men-ibas isnan payewna.He goes to remove the weeds of his ricefield. classed as 'kames'
ibawTo argueMen-ibawda ay menkakadwa.Their company argue with each other.Tadian3.
ibbay-om- To rest.Men-ibbayka ona sakapay itoloy ay mendaan.Rest first before you go on your way.2.4.4Tired
ibbeti- To play a card.Inibbetna nan naodi ay barahana.He put down his last card.
ibbong|r-om-|r Rotten, of eggs.Naibbong nan itlog nan manokna.The eggs of his chicken is rotten.
ib-aCompanion, another.wada nan ib-ana.He has a companion.4.1Relationshipscfkib-a
ib-ib-aThe soul of a pregnant woman that is believed to assure a safe delivery of the child.BesBareng kasiyana ay adika kaligatan tay awet badangan da kas nann ib-ib-am.Don't worry you will not have difficulty in giving birth because you will be aided by your ib-ib-a.4.9.2Supernatural beingcfab-abiik
idAt a particular location or past time. Used before such as the following: wani "now", kob-a "yesterday", kasin "before".Id kob-a ya id kasin et kanegna gedan id wani.Today is just the same with yesterday and long ago.8.4.6Aspectual time9.2Part of speechcfiskasinkob-awani
idangto separate, of spouses.Paidangena da amana ken inana.He cause the separation of his father and mother., scattercfkaidang
idatmen- To stretch one's body, as when waking up.Men-idatak ona sakpay bomangon isnan wakgat.I stretch first before I get up in the morning.
iddaCommand given to cattle to lie down.Ilo.6.3.1Domesticated animal
idew1Python, spine is used for headdress.
idew2Omen bird.
idiWhen. Long agoIdi inmeyda id Baguio dat siya nan nangsab-atana isnan inasawana.When they went to Baguio, there he met his wife.Id idi dakami nan mangbanbantay isnan kakaiwan tako ngem id wani dakayo et.Long ago we were the ones who keep watch of our woodland but now you are in charge.Ilo.8.4.6Aspectual time9.2Part of speech
idisSharpness of blade.
idongi- To take shelter from sun or rain.Nin-idongak id baeyda id kawni.I took shelter in their house a moment ago.7.3.7Cover
idosA wooden spoon (old word). -en To spoon something out. i- To use something as a spoon.Idosenda nan inab-abosang.They spoon to eat the rice gruel. utensil
idowaTo give.Bog.7.4.1Give, hand tocfidya
idpaAs when walking the sole of the foot is stepped flat.Adina maidpan nan dapana tay mensakit.He can not step flat his sole for it is sore.7.1.9Move a part of the body
idyaTo give.Idyam ken siya nan ginegen-am ta gen-ana.Give to him the thing you're holding so he will hold it.7.4.1Give, hand tocfdowa2idowa
igad1-an A grater. -en To grate.Igadem nan niyog.Grate the coconut.synogad25.2.1.3Cooking utensilcfgido2