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ngaDisbelief, contrary to what was said.Anya nga baken, tet-ewa met a.Why not, it is really true. verbs
ngaanRed mushroom.
ngaawThe caterwauling of cats.Menngaangaaw nan kosa isnan labi.The cat keeps on caterwauling at night.1.6.4Animal actions
ngabaNoisy, of people talking.Menngabangabada isnan tindaan.They are very noisy in the store.
ngabngab1Chew something off, as corn off a cob.Menngabngab tako is ballogo.We will chew the corn off its cob., chew1.5.5Parts of a plant2Cob of young corn.1.5.5Parts of a plantcfngodngod
ngadanName.Isolatmo nan ngadngadan nan inmali.Write the names of those who came.9.7Name
ngaesBreath, to breathe.Adiyak makangaes tay nan balikesko.I could hardly breath for my belt is tightened.2.2.1Breathe, breath
ngaeySlime of a snail or slug.Pomopolaw nan ngaey di bIlo.oko isnan semento.The slime of the snail looks white on the cement.1.6.1Types of animals
ngakngakA loud laugh.Menngakngangakngakda id labi issan menboyboyaanda.They always laughing loud last night when they were viewing.
ngalakngakunspec. var. ofnganakngak
ngalawngawNoisy, disturbing.Ninngalawngaw nan ipogaw issan new year.The people made noises during the new year.Nangalawngawda ay adida omipaseyep.They are very noisy that they won't let me sleep.4.4.2Trouble2.3.2.4Loudcfgolo1
ngalngalTo chew something hard.Omalaka is kindi ta ngalngalngalem.Get a candy so you will have something to chew., chew
ngalobongobmen- To grumble, complain about something.Menngalobongob nan egesko tay naowat.My stomach is grumbling for it is hungry.
ngalodThen, since.Omeyka ngalod no siyay kaytem.Then go if that's what you want. verbs
ngambasTo burn all along the wood instead of just under a pot.Ilam nan apoy ta adiyet menngambas.See the fire so it will not burn all along the wood.5.5.1Light a fire
ngamit1unspec. var. ofkamit
ngamit2To catch fire from being close.Pinmigsa nan bidang di apoy danat ngamiten nan lopot ay nisasakkey.The fire became strong then it catched the clothes that were hanged.5.5.1Light a fire
ngamlot1To take by mistake.Waay naingamlot nan badom isnan badona.Maybe your clothes were taken by mistake with his clothes.7.4.3Get2To do things carelessly. and lazillyNginnangamlot nan inkan nan nin-esek isnan nay om-a tay maiwed nan kakwa.The cropland wascarelessly and lazilly palnted planted because the owner was not around.8.3Quality
nganWhat?Ay ngan to di?What is that? words
nganakngakunspec. var.ngalakngakA loud laugh, to guffaw.Manganganakngakka ay kaneg kedengka is mangtek ay menngakngak.You always laugh loud as though you are the only one who knows how to laugh3.5.6.4Laugh
ngannoi- To repair carefully, to remedy left over foods, other things to be of use.Inngannona nan nabay-an ay sida ta adi masayang.He remedied the left over foods so it won't be thrown away.6.1Work
ngannganiAlmost.Nganganida omdan id baeyda.They are almost to reach their house.9.2Part of speech
ngangayWhite ants.
ngang-aNewly hatched bird.
ngaokThe whine of a dog.Menngaongaok nan okenda isnan labi.Their puppy whines at night. sounds