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waakThe squeal of a pig.1.6.4Animal actions
waawCrybaby., tear
waayMaybe.Waay siya kadi nan nangwani.Maybe it is he who said it.9.3Very
wada1There is.Wadada nan mangwani en inalam nan liblok.There are those who say that you got my book.
wadingMud fish that lives in rivers.
wadinganRed rice. varieties
waet?Sound asleep.5.7Sleep
wagwag1Late, small produce; of cabbage, petchay, also rummage sale.Inpakdawna nan nawagwag isnan lipolyona.He gave away the reject of his cabbage.1.5.7Plant diseases
wagwag2i- To shake something out of a container.Iwagwagmo nan sambagmo ta maekdag nan logit.Shake your bag so that the dirt will fall.Ilo. diseases
wag-eyTo beckon, to wave.Wag-eyem siya ta omali isna.Beckon him to come here.7.1.9Move a part of the body
wakThe croak of a gayang "crow."1.6.4Animal actionscfgayang1
wakaVine, size of rattan.Ginalotanda is waka nan pinatingda.They tied with a vine the branches they gathered.Naamin nan ilaglagada ay waka.The rattan they use for weaving is already consumed.6.5.3Building materials1.5.3.6Vines
wakatTo scatter, to spread, of things, news (generic).Naiwakat nan bagas isnan dao.The rice was scattered on the floor., scatter
wakawak-en The exiting of someone to show that the boyag is finished.Nakwas et ay ninwakawakda.They already finished the wakawak.4.9Religion
wakdaTo string something from one place to another.Inwakdada nan kaiw ta maseyatan nan dad-aanen di baka.They laid down from one end to the other the wood to block the path of the cows.6.7Tool
wakgatMorning. Is wakgat "tomorrow".Awni ta mawakgat sakapay somaa.Wait till morning before you go home.Is wakgatka ay omali.Come tomorrow.8.4.6Aspectual time8.4.1.2Daycfbagbagiwakawek
wakkeyi- To string a line from place to place, as a clothes line, vine, etc.Inwakkeyda nan mentalaytayan di sayoti.They stringed a line for the sayote plant to climb.
waknagi- To lie down.Archaic7.1.3Lie downcfpodan
waksii- To shake something off the fingers.Adina ponasan nan ledengna tay epdasna inwaksi issan nakwasana ay ninboo.He does not wipe his hands for he already shaked it off after he washed it.
walagawagi- To spread information by telling so that many know.Epdas naiwalagawag nan inikkana isdin inmaliyana.What he did when he last came was already told to many.3.5.1Say
walasTo distribute.Iwalasna nan kopyan di namiting id esay bowan.He will distribute the copy of the minutes of the meeting last month., scatter
walaw?Exclamation after defeat signifying intention of revenge.9.3Very
walitThe calling of the souls of the household members at the time of the senga., sacrifice
walsiTo sprinkle.Walsiyana nan loplopot ay palansaena.He sprinkles the clothes he is to iron.
walwalTo remove a knot, to untie, to remove something, i.e. clothing. To release.Walwalenda nan tobo ta sokatanda tay napolatan.They dismantle the pipes to change it for it was clogged., take apartcfokbad

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