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obaasThe leftovers when making a drink, as tea leaves, coffee grounds.Sagatem nan kapi ta makaan nan obaasna.Strain the coffee to remove its leftovers.5.2.3Types of food
obadTo remove a knot, to untie, to remove something, i.e. clothing. To release.Obadem nan galotna.Untie its binder., take apart
obakOutside leaves of cabbage.Inobbakanda nan lipolya sadapay ilako.They removed the outside leaves of the cabbage before they sold it. vegetables
obanGray hair.Naobananak et tay naapowanak et.I have gray hair for I now have grandchildren.2.1.5Hair
obayaA rest day when no work is done outside the village.Iyobayada nan napoowan ay baey.The declare a sacred rest day for the burned house.2.4.5Restcfgipi
obbakanunspec. var. ofatobakbakanTo remove the obak (layers of cabbage or banana stalk) or the bark of a tree.
obboWhen two or more persons work together on each of their fields alternately.Menobobboda ay mangkaykay isnan om-ada.They do obbo to cultivate their camote field.6.1Work
obeA basket trap for fish, bottle shaped.Ninlaga siya is obena.He wove his fish trap.6.4.5Fishingcfgawgaw2ogat1ogat1saepsidoksidok
obegDull, as of knife edges.Bog.
obelkotOvercoat.Men-obelkotka tay mentedek.Wear your overcoat for it is cold.5.3Clothing
obet1Bottom of an object, buttocks.Dakedake nan obetna.His buttocks is very big.Nagpak nan obet nan botelya.The bottom of the bottle is broken., below2.1.2Torso2Anus.2.1.2Torso
obiCamote.Mangobi tako ta waday kanen tako.We gather camote so we will have food. from roots6. sweet potatoes1.5.3Grass, herb, vinecfagno1boko2kimpit
obla1-en To work.Men-obobla siya id Bontoc.He works in Bontoc.6.1Work2work6Work and occupation
obo-en To carry in repeated trips, as manure to the fields, rocks for building.Obowenda nan bato ay maitoping.They carry in repeated trips the stones for riprapping.7.3.1Carry
obodFertile soil.Obod nan lotan nan galdina.The soil of his garden is fertile.synabod1.2.2.1Soil, dirtcflamod
obolkotOvercoat.Men-obolkotka tay pilmi nan tedek.Wear you overcoat for it is very cold.Eng.5.3Clothing
obonTo gather, especially of the members of a dap-ay. A gathering of people.Ombonda nan amam-a isnan dap-ay ta menmitingda.They gather7.5.1Gather
obongmen- To eat together, from the same plate or in the group.Men-obong kayo am-in ay mangan.You all eat together.5.2.2Eat
obot1To lance and squeeze a boil or infection.Inbotna nan boyoyna ta kaanena nan nanana.He lanced his boil to squeeze off its pus.2.5.7Treat disease2Deflate. air
obpayMild surprise.Ay siya obpay!Is that so! verbscfogkay
odDo it now.Siya od di tay adika makwani.That serves you for you don't obey what is told you.
odanRain, to rain.Men-od-odan dapay adi menlinong.It is raining yet he still does not seek shelter.
odengStem of damayan.
odiLast.Siya nan kaodiyan ay inomdan.He is the last to arrive.
odlong?Action of hitting on one top with another.4.2.7Play, fun