The compilation of this glossaryfrom the intention to work together; to applying for approval; to the writing, editing, and translation; until it was sent to pressaltogether took more than five years. Apart from the book itself, the greatest result of this cooperation exists in the abundant harvest of shared experience and mutual help gained through working together, exchanging knowledge, and getting to know each other.

Today, as we are able to appreciate the fruit of our labor, we must acknowledge the contribution of many organizations and individuals without whose help this work would not have been possible. In particular, to the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the Institute of Ethnology and the Office for International Cooperation and Exchange of the Southwest University for Nationalities, the East Asia Group and the Department of Language Software Development of SIL International, we offer our heartfelt thanks! In addition, the project received valuable assistance from Victor Roetman, Martin Hosken, William Tan, Wang Kang, Liu Xingquan, Chen Lei, and Chen Cheng. We also thank the many Nuosu Yi friends who gave their input to improve the contents.

We hope this book proves helpful to the Nuosu Yi communities and to Yi language development, and we trust that all of us together can share in that satisfaction!

The Editors
June 2008
Chengdu, Sichuan

© SIL International and Southwest University for Nationalities.