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'apronI, absolutive first person singular, focusNa nokopoomdom a no dii ad od duma kandan su oray a no novaakkan.So, I thought that I will not go with them because I was very frightened.
'aabbutvTo tie s.t. around ones waist such as a cloth, a shirt, sweater to free up the hands or for warmth
'aad1nFence usually made of bamboo sticks which is put around a field or garden in order that animals cannot enter and destroy the crops.Ko-ilangan no duwon aad taddot id pomuwannan ta to mgo gulay amoy dii od suwalon to mgo bavuy.It is necessary to have a fence (around) our garden of vegetables so that the pigs don't dig (them) up.2vFor s.o. to build a fence
'aaha'vFor s.o. to estimate, usually used to refer to the estimate of the value of s.t. but can refer to estimating the duration of time.Iddos aaha roy taddot od bolliyon dan no livuta, mgo oruwon puu no maan.Our estimate that they paid for the land, about twenty thousand (pesos).
'aahapvFor s.o. to continually arrive at s.o.'s house right at meal time
'aakkonadjFor s.o. to be fearful of s.t., usually evil.spirits; and to take action such as to run when faced by that which causes the fear or to take a companion alongDii od undiyon sikandin ko sokkad din da su aakkon oraroy sikandin.He will not go if he has no companion because he is very fearful.
'aaligvFor a married person to be attracted to another person (other than their spouse) who may or may not be already married.Ikon minuvu oraroy od aalig.That (married) person is very attracted (to others who may or may not be married).
'aamvFor s.o. to select from two or more optionsNa, iddos nosorollan ku to Monuvu, diyon to kodbunsud to baoy, od aam taddot sokkad no lugaa no pattad.Now, from what I know of the Manobo, when building a house, they will choose a place that is flat.
'aam'aamadjFor s.o. to want everything for himself; to be greedy. Usually this refers to s.o. to does not share food.Oraroy nod aam-aam to koka-an iddos anak pomon to simbokkad din da od kokita iddon mgo luddung.That child is very greedy because he rarely sees (eats) those (kind of) meat-dishes.
'aamatvFor s.o. to guess, to predict
'aammokvFor a person to visit s.o. at mealtime in order to be fed (has conotation that person is lazy).Ko ikon minuvu, waa od kopuungan ko kona laayun de-en od aammok.As for that person, he doesn’t do anything but always shows up at someone’s house at mealtime.
'aamok? ckunspec. var. of'ammok
'aamoynA small medicinal tree with small leaves with fine, hair-like fibers that causes itchiness. It is commonly grown in southern Mindanao the leaves and bark of which are used as medicine.Pipturus arborescensAngoy kow to ubbus to aamoy amoy id bawi ta ka-ay to anak no nosommoo.Get (some) of the bark of aamoy-tree in order to treat the child who has a stomach ache.
'aanakvFor a female person or animal to give birth.; to spreadUndini ka su od aanak don sikandin, saddook od koosayyan.Come here because she is giving birth, perhaps (she) will have difficulty (giving birth).Otin dii ka od angoy to buwarot to pidsa, od aanak en idda.If you don't get the eye/head of the boil, it will spread.
'aang'aang1advFor s.o. to hesitate to do s.t., go somewhere, usually because of embarrassment; having reservations about doing s.t.; not quite time to do s.t. (an unseasonable time), to be reluctantOd ko-aang-aang a nod undiyon su saddook od pokose-ep koy.I am hesitant to go because we probably will be late.2adjTo do s.t. that is not quite finished or not up to a certain level; not quite the right amount; to do s.t. halfwayIkon upban no-aang-aang tid bovaa.That house is only-completely built. (Implies, the carpenters are finished but the house is only partially done because of a shortage of materials, finances, etc.).3adjof course; s.t. that is understood, accepted, obviousunspec. var.daangdaangpaangpaang
'aangatvFor s.o. to wait; to stay in place in expectation of s.o. or s.t.'s arrivalGena koy ra id aangat kikow.Earlier we waited for you.
'aangngi'vTo protect from harm; to shield; for s.o. or s.t. to act as a shield from s.t. that can do harmAangngi ked amoy konna koy od kokita tat id unsad diyot unsaran to kodhari.Shield us so-that we will not be seen by the one who sits on the throne [lit: chair of reigning].Aangngi koy su od dupu kos minuvu su od imotayan koy.Protect us because a person is coming behind (us) who (wants) to kill us.
'aatnA small basket usually used for gathering fish, fruit or flowersId bitbit din iddos aat no noponnu to buladShe carried the small basket that was full of dried fish.
'aavatn1a wall; one of the sides of a room or building connecting floor and ceiling or foundation and roofNa kopongnga id takos kos atop, so-op don mandon dos aavat.Now after the roof is fastened on, next (the carpenters put up) the walls.2the building materials, such as strips of bamboo, used to make up the wallKopongnga iddos lawat baoy, id takos mandon iddos mgo aavat.The walling is also put in place to the body of the house.
'aawvTo chase an animal or bird out of the house, field, etc.Ko-ilangan no duwon od aaw diyon to ommayon.It is necessary for someone to chase out (the birds) in the rice field.
'aaw'aawvTo try, to go ahead and test (just in case)<<...woy od po-aaw-aaw ko od kokita ta sikandin.>><<...and try to see if we will see him.>>
'aawangvFor s.o. to not be right (in telling a story, in work, etc.) and for that person to be told what they did wrong (to correct); For s.o. not to be conscious of their actions; implies they may be possessed.Aawang ko ron od puung.What you (did) was not-accurate.aawang tod ipanowto walk without realizing it or not having purpose
'aawasvTo offer sacrifice to spirits for illness, to harvest a good crop; usually a pure white or red chicken. The sacrifice of a chicken is accompanied by Latin phrases believed to have power oracion.To dii pa iddos od oonitu od bovawi, od aawas pa sikandin.Before the spirit-medium would treat (anyone), he would-offer-a-sacrifice.
'aayanvTo lie waiting in order to attack by surprise s.o. or an wild animal; to ambush s.o. (to kill, steal, etc.)Inis goggot no kompilan, id tota-aw re-en ini woy gali od piipiyoddon ko timpu ron to kod-ipanow su id panoy ko duwon usig no tokkow ron nod aayan woy od lousud.This kompilan-sword, it is just indeed set aside and only taken along when it is time to travel (by foot) so to be ready if there's an enemy suddenly lying in ambush and attacks.
'abbasvTo penetrate through s.t.; for s.t. sharp to poke through, come through; To look through s.t., e.g., a small holeOd abbas to atop do monit.The heat came through the roof.Id aabas ku kodtongtong.I looked through (a small hole).