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'ebbauadjCharacter trait: for s.o. to say one thing but do s.t. completely differentEbbau no minuvu idda.He is a person who says-one-thing-but-does-something-different.
'ebbawadv or adjTo be crooked or wayward in one's thinking?Sikiyu no mgo minuvu to inin timpu, waa en kopomakoy row, woy ebbaw en kos poomdom dow.You people of this time/generation, you have no faith, and your thinking is wayward / perverse / crooked.
'ee'unspec. var. of'eh
'egkee'egkeevTo dance; movement of the body when dancingDiyot kodsayow, duwon osso-osson ko-uluhan, konna ra nod aawang ka ra nod egkee-egkee.In dancing, there are different meanings (to the movements), you do not just carelessly move-the-body-around.
'ehinterj.An exclamatory expression of surprise and delight, usually used at the beginning of a sentence.unspec. var.'ee'
'eheddannA rest for the foot in ascending or descending, steps, stairsNa id dunggu sikandan diyot baoy, duwon do so od ngoranan no od tamong to eheddan.So they arrived at the house, there was one that was named the guard of the steps.MB76001 Mappi 169Na id dunggu sikandin diot eheddan, id gedda sikandin diyot sokkad no pakkang to eheddan, nokota-ud don sikandin diyot lawa rin.So he arrived at the stairs, he stepped on the first step, he was conscious of (being back) in his body.unspec. var.geddan2
'[for parsing texts]
'ekkopvFor s.o. to have all their needs met; food, clothing, things; to have no shortage in having s.t., i.e., necessities of life, material goods, etc.De-en, ipan to sokkad no baoy, duwon id panoypanoy ran no mgo goggot woy no-ekkop dan mandad ka-ay su amoy duwon id poko-atu ran.Therefore, each house, they prepared weapons and they were also complete (in having) these so that they had (something) with which to fight with.
'elle'vFor s.o. to refuse or reject something because the thing offered or idea suggested is not desired
'elo'nA birthmark
'elodvto scoot; to move from one place to another by means of scooting across the floor or down steps using the rear end and feet (not walking)Tuwaang.doc lineelod-elod
'encert.adtCertainty adjunct; emphsis particle, implying definately, indeed, surelyPopolay ran nod undiyon sikandan to lumut to idda en no timpu.They agreed that they would definately go to the field at that time.tumpag 008Na kada sikandin od undiyot lumut, dii en od lempas duwon en od ko-utoo rin.So everytime he went to the field, it surely wouldn't fail that he definately will have trapped (some animal).
'erakvFor s.o. to hold the stomach in for various reasons
'eroddannA device for putting a child to sleep which rocks a child up and down
'eru'1nFor s.o. to have mercy, compassion or pity on s.o. who has a need, i.e., difficulty meeting basic necessities or a financial need.2vto pityDakkoo kos eru to Monama..God's compassion is great.3vTo propose; to ask for girl's hand in marriage; to beg for helpunspec. var.iru
'esavFor s.o. to speak loudlyunspec. var.isa
'esa'vFor s.o. to shout at s.o. because it is their habit, to be irritable; to be short with s.o. in giving response
'etod'etodvFor s.o. to ask many questions even those that may be embarrassing
'ette'exclamation of criticism
'evongnLeprosy; an uncommon, contagious type of skin disease; A kind of hex. A person will put on a woman to cause her face, particularly nose to be destroyed. This is done out of jealousy.
'ewasvTo go back and forth like the action of sawing or rubbing dried bamboo together creating a fire.