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'o1inj*conclusion2conjor3ptlaffirmation particle.
'obbansmall insect
'obbodvFor s.o. to be reluctant to do s.t., to have no joy in doing s.t. because of previous discouraging experience(s)
'obbu'vTo slice open the abdomen of an animal in the butchering process
'obbukvTo turn a light off; to blow out a candle.
'obbuuadjHaving rotted; putrid; for vegetables, fruit to be overripe having the characteristic of being too soft and moistPeru dos mata rin no divauy disok dobbo su ko-obbuu ron su pittu ron no allow pitton bulli worad ka-an ka-an.But his eye on the left was small because it was already rotten since for already seven days, seven nights (he) had eaten nothing.
'obisuTo let s.o. know, e.g., a host or hostess, parents, etc., before leaving or making a decision about s.t..Na, otin diid obisu iddos bau woy od osawa sikandin to duma no worad sikandin id angat nod pomauwon, od dusan sikandin.Now, if the widow does not inform (in-laws) and she married (someone) else, (and) she did not wait to be-married-to-a-relative-of-the-deceased-husband, she will be killed.
'odasp.ptlirrealis aspect'Ondak od bovalan du?”MB18701 007'What are you making?''Ambo to od bovaa ka ruwon?'''Why are you making that?'
'oddisvTo come close to hitting the bullseye; unable to hit or to miss the target; to barely escape a bad event.
'oddokvTo plant rice or cornIddos dumon minuvu no konna mgo datu, od posuvaloy tod puung diyot ipat kamot taman tod poko-oddok don langun.As for the other people who were not well-to-do, (they) took-turns working in each field until all (the fields) were able-to-be-planted with rice.
'odsomunspec. var. of'adsam
'ogganvAbility to carry s.t., esp. heavy things; or ability to contribute, donate
'oggasi'nA manlike being of extraordinary size and strength who eats people; a giant or ogre
'ogget1nAll the clothing articles of personal useId boggoy kos langun taddot datu do so ogget ni Mappi no mgo minuvu woy ogget din atag to pongayow.The datu gave all the clothing to Mappi, the people, and clothing for the attack.
'ogget2material or cloth that hasn't been sewn yet
'oggopnExcess rice water
'oggotvTo tie s.t., usually a rope, tightly; to tie securely; strengthenohoton kod kodsalig to Monama; oggot to kopomakoy
'oggungnTo hum or sing with nearly closed lips, hence barely intelligible, usually accompanied by an instrument such as the lute (kuglung), or zither (souroy).Laggun tod porohingon inis souroy, od ooggung mandad kos od piyod ka-ay woy od opparan to kuglung.While playing this souroy-instrument) the one who plays/carries this will also hum and be-in-harmony-with the kuglung-instrument.
'ohu'u'nA kind of pine tree
'ohuynA reference to a brother-in-law as said by a male relative
'okay1dem.pronthis, here, non-focus2adv
'okkangnA large reddish-brown night bird, the grass owl, that lives in tall trees. At times, this bird will change into an evil spirit busow, flying around in the evening instilling fear.Tyto Capensis
'okkawvTo react to s.t. that happens, positive or negative; i.e., punching the wall out of anger
'okkod1vTo divorce from; to intentionally abandon because of dislike toward that which is abandoned2advGradually; bit by bitNo okkod-okkod nopongngo rin, no-impon don dos kua pittun liwit...By and by she finished filling-up seven big-baskets.