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'uahingvTo tell a story, usually a traditional narrative through song with a rythmic, repetitive melodySi Juan dos od uwahing, kotuig od ooseng ika.Juan is the one that sings traditional songs, that knows (how to) speak.unspec. var.uwahing
'ubbusnThe top part of a plant consisting of the very young leaves
'ubpa'vto *dwell somewhere permanently or continuously; to *resideId -ubpa- sikandan dion to Dollag to Tumuwggow.They lived in Dollag (part) of Tumuwggow.
'ubpannhouseSokkad no timpu okayt lugaa roy to Sayaban, duwon uvaa no id undinit ubpan to sokkad no sumbaoy ku.One day here in our place of Sayaban, there was a monkey that came to the house of one of my neighbors.
'ubpitvTo clean, make the outside smooth (and the inside davuk), e.g., from rattan, with a knife to prepare it to be used, e.g. to make a basket, to make a kombeng (jews-harp), etc.Inis kombeng, tinobbag ini no laya no id po-oyyaran tid ubpit.This jews-harp, this (was made from) split bamboo that had been carefully stripped-clean.
'ubpu'nThe end of s.t., ie; road, log; to be behind s.o.No id podtohon din don dos so mongovay nid ubpu kandin id sakoy't kuda.So he ignored the maiden who sat behind him riding on the horse.
'uddat-uddatvfor a baby to *push its *feet *off *of *the *floor *as *if *to *jump
'uddokvfor s.t. or s.o. to be pierced by a sharp object such as a knife; to penetrate
'udnasv*for *the *majority *of *the *branches *or *fruit of a plant/tree *to *fall *down (coffee, banana, coconut, etc.) or to be caused to fall down, i.e., to harvest itOd “udnason ku kos mangga.
'udnusvFor s.t. to suddenly collapse because of natural causes; for someone's *breathe to be *cut *short because of illness or because of emotional state-udnus kos ginawabreathe is cut
'udsi-udsi'adjFor s.o. to question another person because they want to know all the details
'udso'advAll the more; increasingly soNa udso pobbe-en mo, dii ed kipos do ba-ay od ko-ilow.So the woman cringed all the more, she was ashamed.
'udsuuvfor (s.o.) to move over on a sleeping mat to allow room for (s.o. else); to pull s.t. up, e.g., pants; to move up, increaseIddos mgo minuvu kopiyan od waswason to duma ran, konna od udsuu.People like to jerk down their companion(s), not to lift- them -up.
'udtu'so it’s like that??Udtu vos...
'ugiuknA kind of palm tree planted for the food value at the core which consists of sago, a white flour-like subtance natok; it is rarely planted today since it is becoming scarce.var. Malay Sagu
'ugka'vA way of treating a hex. To prove that a person was hexed, the healer will get certain leaves and scrub the body of the patient. If whitish worms come out similar to the worms that bore a sugarcane, it is confirmation that the person was hexed.
'ugkasnFirst year death anniversary which marks the end of mourning
'uhatn1blood vessel or vein2The roots of plants, trees, teeth