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baptlexplanatory particle, implying emphasis (a verbal exclamation point) or an emotive element of irritation added after a response (to a statement made)
ba-iunspec. var. ofbo'i'
ba'adv1To divide s.t. into parts or share it2To keep dividing s.t. up in many pieces; to distribute equally
ba'asvTo chop meat (a carcass) in half with a bolo
ba'aynA femaleDangan, iddos mgo mama, dii sikandan od kopian nod puung od ubpa woy ba-ay idda so od puung.In the past, the men, they did not like to work at once place, it was the woman who would do the work.
baa'1nA kind of large thorny rattan vine which is found in the wild; because of its large size, it was seldom used.
baa'2nA taboo, sign or forewarning of death or a bad happening to come caused by a spirit.
baabba'nThe mouth of a well; openingPiru id tombunan pa to batu iddos baabba tod ponikodduwannan.But a rock covered the opening of the well.
baagbagvto have ripened bananas
baaha'vThat which is forbiddenPiru id baaha ra konami to Monama nod ka-an taddot bunga to kayu no duwon to tongannan to pinomuwannan.But God has only forbidden us from eating the fruit of the tree there in the middle of the garden.
baahad1vto give s.o. an item of small or great value without counting the cost2nFor s.o. to have the right, authority to do s.t.; possibly with a negative implication.Duwon baahad din nod pomuhawang atag to pomilya rin.He has the authority to (make) plans for his family.3nIts his/her responsibility / problem.baahad dinto not care about the result of s.t. or not to care what happens to s.o.; to say, in effect, <<It's up to you; it's your responsibility.>>
baahonnAny of various Asian climbing palms with very long tough stems; rattanCalamus and DaemonoropsNa sokkad no pomaa od bunsud sikandan to tinobbi no laya no od betollan to mgo baahon.So another divination, they are building strips of bamboo which are stuck in the ground (connected with) rattan.
baa'i'nAn offspring's spouse's parent
baakvTo meet s.o. at a particular crossing point coming from different routes.
baangagnA beard; hair growing under the nose and on the chin
baangasnThe rambutan fruit
baansinThunder; sound that follows a flash of lightning kilatOtin od ukit diyot mohonnow no kaamag diyot ko-oowayan, idde-en iddos dakkoo no donogdog, woy idde-en iddos od ngoranan no baansi.When wind goes through cold (air) in the sky, that indeed (is the reason for) the big noise, and that indeed is that which is called thunder.
baatik1nA spear trap used to catch large wild animals (e.g. pigs, deer). It consists of a sharpened stake sttached to a young sapling which is bent back and acts as a spring.Iddos od ponsahad ka-ay no baatik, iling to mgo bavuy, saarong, lokivot woy duma pa. Those (animals) that can be caught in this spear trap, are (wild) pigs, deer, foxes and other (wild animals).2vTo trap an animal using a baatik trap.3nA constellation occurring at the end of March having five stars.
baavagvTo block or close up by an obstacle; to put s.t. across a path, to hinder, obstruct.
babatadjA bronze anklet or bracelet.pangkis no babatbronze bracelet.
badas1vTo whip s.o. or an animal. It implies having no control and implies using some kind of instrument (i.e., a whip, belt, branch, etc.); to beat using an instrument.2na whip; an instrument used to whip s.o. or an animal
badbadvFor s.o. to untie s.t. in winding fashion
badnooadjFor s.t. to be very effective, as medicineInis bahot, oraroyn badnoo no bawi, labbi ron taddot id toddu to morat, id lourog woy nosammoo, ahad mandad id pillak.This bahot plant is a very effective medicine, especially when one had been pointed at by an evil spirit, being wrestled and being made sick with stomach or even being speared.
badsoy1nA paddle used to row a boat2vTo row a boat3adjto be an expert, to know how to do something well4npracticeIni no kodpo-imotayoy, ko-ilangan to konokkaan, kotuiggan, kodbadsoy to kodsomad woy kodgamit to mgo goggot.(For) this (kind of) hand-to-hand fighting, it is important to have strength, knowledge (how to fight), practice holding and using weapons.