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-d-infifx*indicates *two *way *reciprocal *relationship of an action.Na idda ve-ek od pon-ondutunnan dan no pokodsokkad idda, na, iddo ron ek od pokotawag don orua.Well, indeed they will all go there (to the place of meeting), and be united (with one mind), then (at that time) the two can be called (to meet).
-dsufsfx1definite2indicates two or more actors
daunspec. var. ofra2
da-agvsomeone who intentionally causes something to fall; or something heavy that falls (with force) to a lower level; ie., squeezed by a fallen tree
da-asvto eat a large amount of food;
da-atvto *destroy;Su para konnod korattan do kod-ubpa ni Muntira-.So that Montera's (home?) life will not be harmed.
da'ptlJust, onlyunspec. var.ra1
da'agvTo fall hard on s.t. and injury one's whole bodyunspec. var.ra'ag
da'asvFor s.o. or an animal to eat or bite, implies excessive. When referring to a dog, it implies violent ripping apart of that which he is eating.
daagvMany (two or more) doing the same action at the same time next to one another; comparison; two speaking at the same time...iddos oweg, kahi rud daahan to tomeng sigid uli riyot baoy dos oweg diyot could say that the water was zooming like bees, rushing back to the house in the bamboo containers...
daagdag1nA rocky incline with very little growing2vdaagdag va ve-entell me what you have to give
daama'n1A very steep cliff, vertical or overhanging face of rock or earth2*clay
daammugn*morning *dew
daann*wayNa, iddos daan od ukit dion to ubpan taddot tobboy rin no iddos lawa rin dion en.So the path went by the house of his sister where his body was.
daangdaangunspec. var. of'aang'aang
dabpavto fly down from a higher elevation to the groundDuwon id ponleggua no mgo apang no id duma tat obboo no id dabpa riyot livuta.There was that which came out, locusts that came-with the smoke that covered the earth/land.
dabpakvto snatch, e.g., a bird swooping down on it's prey
dadptl*still; *yet; indicates that no change in state, location or intention is anticipated.
daddasvto *apply ointment, usually by rubbing; to apply *s.t *lightly *on *to *a *surface, as in applying balm on the body.Pogko ponga 'id daddasan 'a, woy 'id pomunas din, 'id bollat din 'iddos do-un to komuhing.After he had patted and wiped me all over (with his herbs), he opened up the 'komuhing' leaves.
daddas to buwooid. ofbuwoo
dadnoynan *ankle *braclet
dadsaadjto be *born *at *the *same *time; *day, dadsa ko allow, hour or year as s.o. else
dadsangadvTo arrive suddenly, unexpectedly like thunder.No-oseng de-en ni Molingling idda no id dadsang kos dakkoon baansi, no-oddisan dan su ika re-en nokosuhat to dakkoon tungonnu.When Molingling said that, loud thunder suddenly-struck, ...
dadu'na *plow; a tool used to cut, lift, and turn over the soil esp. in preparing it for planting
daggoyvFor a woman to shout out with laughter the implication being she is not thought well-of; (bogkaron no ba-ay)doraggoy to kahaanto shout from joyOvay mad doraggoy noko-isau ran mandot ubpan.