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ga-abvto intentionally put smthg in the fire so it will burn
ga'anga'anunspec. var. ofba'anba'an
ga'at1nImmediate *family including mother, father, brother and sisters2vFor s.o. to look after a child...kahi rin, “Na, momonno kos od ga-at ka-ay't anak ko ini?...she said, “How can (I) look after this child of mine?
gaanA saying or motto about an individual, that describes that person’s character or principal related to that individual’s courageousness in fighting and bartering stated in an indirect way or proverb.Sokkad no ponunggeleng to gaa, mandog no kosili sikandin.One example of a saying is, he is a slippery eel, that is, someone who knows how to barter to get the upper deal
gaabnA scythe; a tool with a curved blade and teeth used for purposes such as cutting tall grasses aggii, harvesting rice ammoy
gaangnA reddish strip of bronze or metal that was put on the handle of a sword in order to protect the hand
gaawvto *play
gaha”v1*capable *of doing *somethingDii ron od pokogaha nod ipanow dos anak.The child was not able to go on any more.2to force s.o. to do smthg beyond their ability or capability
gahadnexpression referring to the same result, character; repeative occurrance, cyclicalIko re-en kos gahad Ahad ayas kod uppiyo ruwon, ikore-en kangkan kos gahad.Even though you (work hard on) fixing/repairing that, the result later will be the same.
gahanvto *force someone to do somethingKahi 'Gahan 'ad 'od pioddon tat 'od puung 'od 'inggat koddi.'Said, 'I was being forced, (I) was going to be taken by the one insisting on inviting me.'
gahasvto clear a field of all wild grasses, trees, etc. and to make a border so that the fire (when it is burned) will not spread
gakgakvto grab someone under the armpits and shake (child or adult) up and down in order to revive their breathing, or out of anger.
gakod1na *close *relative
gakod2vfor someone to inherit something;Miss Holsted: Lukas 17:33
gakutvTo tie s.t. firmly so it cannot move; is secureNa langun tadda; baahon iddo sod gomiton no id gakut taddot mgo gamit to baoy.Now all of that; rattan is what is used to securely tie together (all the building materials) used for the house.
gali'adv*before“...Yo ko,” kahid “oseng gali ko,” kahi rin, “loppow...”“...Do not say any thing yet,” he said, “before you appear...”unspec. var.ali'
gallingvTo make a hole in the ground for seeds using sharpened round stick, especially where the field is steep
gambisadvnot long from now
gamit1vto *use s.t. *for a *particular *purposeWaa soopi no “od kogamit doy para “id povawi-.There was no money we can use to get medical treatment.2n*anything that is *used *for a *particular *purpose or usableNa langun tadda; baahon iddo sod gomiton no id gakut taddot mgo gamit to baaoy.Now all of that; rattan is what is used to secure (all) that which is used for (building) a house.
Gamowhamowp.namethe Manobo *deity *of the *rivers, of the sea and rain, also Alimukat
gampungvto *float; to stay on top of the water'Inis kollut...-od po-un-unturoy, dii ron od diot daom to livuta kun konna od pa-ampow, od gampung don to livuta.This kollut...grow one on top of the other, until they are no more under the ground but lying on top of it.
ganadganadadjto do some action *quietly
gandingvfor two gongs or koguu instrument that are tapped to make noise (to let others know that s.o. has died). One person will tap a steady beat which the other person taps a faster accompaniment tempo.
gandoonthe *back *of the *knee
gangganvto *scrub in order go get dirt from one's body, using a smooth small rock [gudgud] or a cloth