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kapronabsolutive second person singular, focusKahi tat minuvu, Sikkow, kahi rin, Indayodon Andot, undini ka..You, he said, Indayodon Andot, you come here..MB18701 007Ambo tod bovaa ka ruwon?'Why are you making that?'unspec. var.ko1
ka-akas kos lawav1For s.o. to take a house apartNa, kotohitu ron mandad od ka-akas kos lawa ku su dii a od ko-ivoggan od ka-an.Gradually my body was also losing weight as I had no appetite to eat.Dangan no timpu, od okason kos ubpan otin od potayan ini.In the past time a house would be taken apart if someone died there.2For s.o. to move a house to another locationOd okason ta kos ubpan su morat kos id turukkan ta duwon.Lets move the house because the location is bad there (implies evil spirits are present.)id. of'akas
ka'anvFor a person or animal to *eat, usually cooked foodNa inturan din si Mappi, “Ondan, od kopiyan kod ka-an?”Mb18703 Maria 006So he asked Mappi, “Well, would you like to eat?”Waa man od koka-an.There was nothing to eat.
ka'ay1loc.pronhere, near speakerPurisu, od puhawang doy gena ka-ay to monnuwon doy tod po-ukit nod pokolivod si Juan ka-ay.Therefore, we were planning earlier here as to how we can find a way to bring back Juan back here.2dem.pronthis, non-focus demonstrativeunspec. var.okay
kaa'nA large wok, skillet
kaamagn1draft; *wind; a current of airNa iing tod poullayyap to kaamag; kaamag dod piyod kandan.Now it was like (they) were being carried by the wind; the wind carried them.2gas pain
kaandangnA fence; a barrier intended to mark a boundary; wall studId undiyon sikandin to kandang; kandang tat eskwalahan diyot morani roy.(The monkey) he went to the fence; the fence by the school close to us (where we live).
kaanga'vto *feel *shyness *or *inhibition in the presence of s.o. who commands respect.
kaanosadjFor a leafy vegetable or flower to be *wilted several days after being picked
kaasagnA rectangular or oblong shield; a narrow piece of wood with a handle in the middle carried to protect the body in battleInis kaasag, osso rad tat taming, su moohuyud kos loddoy ka-ay woy mgo oppat o limma no pii kos koowettoy.This (particular) shield, (it) is different than the taming-shield, because the shape is oblong and it is about four or five feet in length.
kaavownthe *carabao
kaawagnClimate when the sky is an *orange-yellow; the time previous to or during a rainfall
Kaayagprop.nA female deity responsible for causing rice to grow and who grants a good harvest. Kaayag is also said to grant life.Iyon od tamong tadda (to ponovon to ommoy) iddos od ngoranan no Kaayag.The one who was watching over that (the storehouse of rice) was the one called Kaayag.
kabbangvTo claw at s.t.Na, gularid patoy id pommaahom iddos lawa rin, immat id pongkabbang.And when he died, his body became bruised all over as if he had been clawed at.
kabpa'nThe *chest
kaggongadjstiff; unable to move; unflexible, hardOd kaggong sikandin basta diid pokokitok.He will become stiff if he cannot tickle (someone).
kaggong?unspec. var. ofkoggong
kahatvFor s.o. or an animal to *bite s.t.
kahat to sapa'id. ofsapa'
kahi'1vFor s.o. to say s.t. implying what will be said has been thought about or prepared; to *speakKahi tat minuvu, (c)Sikkow,ª kahi rin, (c)Indayodon “Andot, “undini ka,ª(c)You,ª he said, (c)Indayodon Andot, come here,ª he said2nA wordkahi to Monamaword of God
kahukahu'nthe *sound *of a raw *egg makes *when it is *shaken