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la'agnA person who goes around aimlessly; who has no permanent residence; always going to other people's house; a plant that grows wild.
la'aknA kind or variety of bamboo tree that grows very straight. In the family of bamboo trees, this variety is small to medium in circumference.Na amoy od binovallan inis od ngoranan no todsang, od owaton iddos tivuk no la-ak no mgo sokkad no leppa.Now in order to make this which is called a todsang-trap, the whole la-ak-bamboo is gotten of about one meter (in length).
laa'nA k.o. fuzzy black worm or catepillar, having hairs that cause a severe itch; commonly found in monkeypod (akasya) trees.Saddoo dos unayan duwon doggos diyot bollad du, su id somad du to bouvuu to laa (riyot guly)...
laambotvTo wander around without purpose (looking for mischief)? livuung dan iddos mgo minuvu no waa koru-anon no puung de-en od laambot diyot doraanon....they gathered people who were worthless who just went around (implies without purpose) in the streets.
laaming?unspec. var. oflaming
laampi'vTo give attention to; to notice
laampoyunspec. var. oflampoy
laangngagvTo tilt the head back as if looking up, the eyes may or may not be open.
laapugnFire that is kept burning at night in order to keep warmDiyon to tongannan to lama, id laapug kos mgo minuvu woy mid oinarangIn the middle of the yard, people kept-a-fire-burning and crouched-nearby-to-keep-warm.
laapungvTo increase in quantity or size; to be more of s.t.
laasnThe poison of a snake; venom
laatvFor s.t.; (i.e., fire) to increase in intensity in spite of efforts made to decrease the intensity
laavungnThe evening mealKopongnga ran od laavung, iddos mgo kovuyyahan konna ran don od lo-uklo-uk konna iling ko-ungkay no kowhoy od pontinuhon kos mgo minuvu su mo-uraa pa nod pokolewang woy od puungan.After they ate-supper, the ancestors, they did not wander-about no like today (when) people (take) a long-time (before) sleeping because (they) still have many (things) to distract and (things) to do.
laawanvTo kill s.o. who happens to go into an abandoned house where a tribal leader's body is laid out.Woy ko datu kos od patoy, duwon dos od tomman nod laawanAnd if it is a tribal-leader who has died, there is that which is said to be taking-(someone else's)-life.
laayunavAlways, all the time, without fail; can have negative implication: i.e., (s.o.) always comes over at dinner time or always borrows money.Na, nouhoyn timpu idda sod pongannup sikandin laayun duwon od ko-utoo rin.So, for a long time that he hunted with dogs, he always snared something.
labbi'advespecially; particularly
labbotvTo understand
labbusTo never have owned or received s.t.?
lablabnA wild boar, wild male pig or hog that does not yet have tusks.
labunA k.o. elongated squashLuffa acutangula
laddevFor a tar-like, sticky substance to ooze outNa, diyon to pattad to Sidim, mo-uraan mgo bitu no moroum no duwon od ladde no moumikot no iling to damaa.Na, in the valley of Sidim, there were many deep pits that had a sticky tar-like-substance that was like sap-from-trees.
ladtongnA cricket
lagarawnA cutting tool with a long, curved blade, used by a farmer in the field to clear it of tall grasses
laggownTroubles, difficulties, concerns; that which gives sorrow; to worry about some possible or imagined future event (i.e., s.t. that has not yet happened).
laggunadvwhileLaggun man mo tod bovaa sikandin to baoy, id inguma man mokos usig din.While he was building the house, who arrived but his enemy.