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sa'acard.numThe number one when counting numbers consecutively.
saa to saku'id. ofsaku'
saa'vFor s.o. to sin; to transgress a religious or moral law; a serious offense or fault; For s.o. to commit a wrong against s.o. else
saadnA clear path that is frequently traveled by people; figuratively, posaad - preliminary discussion by elders to [so to speak] clear the way in preparation for getting to the heart of the matter. Sometimes idiomatic expressions are used during the posaad process.
saag1nNest prepared by a bird for its eggs2vto make a nest
saaggon1vTo fry with a skillet [kaa]2vTo dry s.t. (i.e., rice, corn, coffee) in a skillet to prepare it so it can be cooked3nContinuous cry of a dove lumukon giving a message, usually a warning
saahapununspec. var. ofsouhapun
saa'idnThe trigger that is released to snare game used in traps like in tupii, baatik and usually made from either rattan or rope
saakvTo stand in the way of some object coming toward you and catch it, i.e., so the object or person does not get injured; or to catch a ball or a blow intended for s.o. else who another stands in front of
saakoynA cloth tied around the head worn by men.noponggeson kos saakoy
saampowvFor a person or animal to climb over that which obstructs, i.e., a gate, a rock; to throw s.t. over that with obstructs, i.e., a tree
saangannA small shelf specifically made to place a kerosene light
saangsaangvTo meet up with s.o. on a journey
saapidvTo braid s.t., typically hair
saapowvFor s.o. or s.t. to go up and over s.t. such as a wave going over a boat
saarongnA male or female deer.
saatnAn item used or given in order to chase away evil spirits. For example, a mixture of salt and rice in one type of saat thrown into the air usually after a burial to chase away evil spirits that may be following after those who attended the burial.; A kind of payment. Saat is an item given to the healer in order to be healed of an illness. It can be anything but usually a small chicken.
saavetvFor s.o. to get their foot caught, entangled in a vine, rope
saavotvThe action of unintentionally striking at s.t. with a sword, sharp instrument
sabbitnA cloth used to wrap around a baby.unspec. var.sobbit?
sabboovclearing grass by hand using a bolo
sabboy1nA cloth drapped over the shoulder used to carry a baby.2vto place s.t., i.e., a small child, clothing, rattan basket lobban, blanket, on the shoulder
sabbungnA small temporary shelter in the field where a farmer can take shelter from the heat and rain. It generally has a roof made from wild banana avaka and bulig leaves which are layered tappe. It may or may not have walls.Na id dunggu ked kopu riyon to sabbung, kahi tat si Tiyu, “Laggun,” kahi, “tod aangat ki taddot tuyyang, od oilutu ki pa ka-ay.”So we arrived, meaning to say, at the small temporary shelter, Uncle said, <<While we wait for the dog(s), we will first cook here.>>