'aang'aang1advFor s.o. to hesitate to do s.t., go somewhere, usually because of embarrassment; having reservations about doing s.t.; not quite time to do s.t. (an unseasonable time), to be reluctantOd ko-aang-aang a nod undiyon su saddook od pokose-ep koy.I am hesitant to go because we probably will be late.2adjTo do s.t. that is not quite finished or not up to a certain level; not quite the right amount; to do s.t. halfwayIkon upban no-aang-aang tid bovaa.That house is only-completely built. (Implies, the carpenters are finished but the house is only partially done because of a shortage of materials, finances, etc.).3adjof course; s.t. that is understood, accepted, obviousunspec. var.daangdaangpaangpaang

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