Otoe-Missouria - English


ða'ųða-'OOⁿunspec. comp. form ofða-1free variant ofra-1free variant ofra'ųSecond-Person Singular (you)unspec. comp. form ofra-1
ða'ųwiða-'OOⁿ-weeunspec. comp. form ofða-1free variant ofra-1-wifree variant ofra'ųwiSecond-Person Plural (you-all)unspec. comp. form ofra-1-wi
ÐakeÐAH-kaySac and Foxproper nounSak, Saukie, Saks (tribe)proper nounSac GirlA Sac Girl
Ðake 2Sak, Saukie, Saks (tribe)
ÐakemiÐAH-kay-meeSac Girlproper nounA Sac Girlproper noununspec. comp. form ofÐake-micontracted variant ofminge
ðexąnkiðay-HAHⁿNG-keea genus, including all yellow flowing plants, as the artichoke, sunflower, etc.noun
ðiðeeyellowverbunspec. comp. formChe ÐimiðithąnthąHa'thiga ÐiHu Ði XąnjeiroðiMaka ÐiMaka ÐimimąnðeðiMąyą ÐimiSoje ÐimiuðiWaką ÐiwakąðiArchaic Variantsi2Compareðiðiunspec. comp. form ofðiðithąnthąunspec. comp. form ofðithąnthą 2uðiunspec. comp. form ofðiYellow WingsYellow Wingyellow spotsbrownorangecarrotbilegalliris (eye)the yellow part of the eyegoldbrown sugarcoals (glowing)orange (fruit)bileThis is nyi ði or nyi to, "yellow or blue water," and is bitter. When it is small, the doctors remove it from the patient by swallowing it, as they pretend, which act they call waði ruðe. The waði is sometimes vomited up.squashorange (fruit)yolk
ðiðiÐEE-ðeeyellow spotsunspec. comp. form ofðiThis term uses reduplication of the word "ði" (yellow).Compareðiðithąnthąunspec. comp. form ofðithąnthą 2
ðigeÐEE-gaystretchstrainstretch or strain by throwing, striking, etc.stretch by biting and pulling with the teethmake a pipe, not one's own, show the fire by smoking itstretch hidestretch, as a skinstretch or strain by pullingpunch the coals of a firestretch the hides of minks, muskrats, and otters, by pushing sticks into themstretch by bearing down on or pressing on
ðikuÐEE-koowhite oaknounoaknounComparebut'ugaingeunspec. comp. form ofbujehu1ingetasgu
ðiku 1white oak
ðiku 2oak
ðishewedee-SAY-waybrownadjective-verbunspec. comp. form ofðishewe
ðithąnthąðee-THAHⁿN-thahⁿbright yellowadjective-verblight yellowadjective-verbunspec. comp. form ofðiyellowthąnthą 2bright (color)unspec. comp. form ofthą2Compareðiðiðiunspec. comp. form ofði
ðitheweðee-THAY-wayyellow-blackorangeverbcomposed ofðithewe
ðiweÐEE-wayedgenounComparechejecut on the very edge of an object with a knifecut or hit on the very edge of a log or plankbite an object on the very edgetake hold of an object by the very edgepunch a hole in the very edge of an objectsit on the very edge of a chair or seat
ðoje1ÐOH-jaysound word - whistling soundsound word - roaring wind soundsound word - sonorous object, as a bell, when rungComparesudeyojering a bell once by strikingmake an accidental whistling sound when talking
ðoweÐOH-waypointedverbsharpverbmake sharp-pointed by cutting with an axemake a stick or plank pointed at one end by sawing or planingsaw or plane, and make a stick or plank sharp-pointed at one end
ðukaÐOO-kahðoo-KAHnakedverbnudeverbFree Variantrokaroh-KAHpull away all one's clothing, leaving them bare or nakedstrip nakedconsider in the abstract