Otoe-Missouria - English


a2aharmnounsynagrasje 1unspec. comp. formAshiyeThis term was found in Dorsey's Dhegiha vocabulary slips. Though he does not say that this term is also an Otoe-Missouria word for "arm", this is used in a name from the 1817 treaty with the Otoe-Missourias (Broken Arm).wingtirewheelflyLong Armed Black Bear
a-1ahonverbLocative/Positional Prefixpfxunspec. comp. formabeakipaamanyianąxwanyianyiarujearusdąarusgearusgigearusgijeawagaxeawagrųnjeawax'eawibrup'eawithrujeaxwanyiChagrijemiNyi AskajeNyi AskajemiuponverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxbyverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxThis sense is derived from Dorsey's entry for "anayį" to say "to stand by some one else."oververbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxwithverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxWistrand-Robinson classifies this as an "external location" locative prefix and credits Voegelin for that.blow onblowblow outblow dust on anythingprairieplainvalleylevellevel placelie on one's faceheedgive heed topay attention toattend towatchwatch ontake care ofcut an object into thin strips or slices for another, on somethingfly on or overpipe dance anyonedance the pipe dance for any particular personplace a curvilinear object, a book, calico, paper, etc., on something else which serves as a foundationplace a curvilinear object, a book, paper, piece of calico, etc., on something else, as a foundationapply externally, as a plaster or poulticefetch backcarrycome or go for any one animate object, or for several inanimate objects, not one's owngo get itonuponon top ofoutsidebecome night onbenightedI benightI am benightedlight onbe oncome and sit here at a specified time, and in accordance with a planpulsescratchchairseatsit onridesitrun overtread on an object lying on the ground, floor, etc.cover, conceal, hidespylistencover, conceal, hidestand ontread onstand by someone elsehe stands by mehe treads on mehe stands on mehe - by meyou throw on meyou stand by meyou tread on meyou stand on methou - by merain on anythingthrow something onboilbite hard on (once)pull a cord with the teethcloseclosedcovercover somethingput onconcealadherecling to a surfacereadsing itpress water out of an object and upon anything, with the mouthspill water when drinking, by tipping the cup or bowlyou benightyou are benightedI stand by youI tread on youI stand on youI - by theepull over a cup, bucket, etc., spilling its contents on someoneplow and throw up a furrow over corn that has sprung upgo acrosscross oncross overgo across by a near waycrosswiseacross, by a near waycovercover somethingpull open onpull around in order to cover the tent polescover a person with a robe, blanket, shawl, etc.marry himmarry (a husband)marrytake husbandput a horizontal object on something else, which serves as a foundationput a long object on anythingjump onjump overstep overspringleapjumpdrive, as a herd of cattle or poniesdrive, as a pony or oxdrive one animaldrive a vehiclepushmake a motion at a personpushrubrub onbutterscrape an object lying on something else by pushing with the handmake an object slide on something else by pushing or shoving it with the hand or stickmash, step on, push downsqueeze out, mash, push downpress ithold uppush against an object that is on anythingbear upon with the handpinchsmear onput on, stick something on, spread onpourpour onpush over a vessel accidentally and empty the contents on a person or the groundblow or press on and make revolve in a perpendicular plane, as a wheel or paper windmill; also applicable to a wheel rolled along and passing over anything lying it its wayblow on or press on and make revolve in a perpendicular plane, as a wheel or paper windmill: also, if a person should roll a wheel, sending it off, and it should press on another person as it rolledsit, press, lie, or bear softly or easily on anythingsit, press, or bear softly on anythingpress on an object in order to soften itpress on plasterfill up the places where the plaster has fallen offmake an object glide upon anything by pressing itpress the hands down upon as in catching a bird or animalpress down as a chair leg on anythingbear or press on an object and shove it down upon anythingblow on with the mouthpress on a sore and cause corruption to ooze outrub on too much salve at a timerub much salve on a person or animalpress on soft putty when glazing, or on soft plaster when plasteringprayfrost on any vegetation, fruit, etc., causing it to dietrickle down on, as tearsbedlie onpipe-dance anyonedance the calumet dance in honor of anyonespread out a number of small objects, as pieces of buffalo meat on a scaffold in order to dry themput ontoaltarcommand or tell one to do anythingsettle on (surface)alight onlit onland onhit easily on anythinghit an object softlyput a blanket on a horse and sit softly on it instead of riding barebackbuttontie a knothit on and cause pain, said of something heavy falling on a personnailstrike on and glance offstrike and glance offwe (3+) stand by youwe (3+) tread on youwe (3+) stand on youwe - - theeHe Who Walks on the WaterWalks on the WaterWalking on the WaterWalking on WaterNodaway Riverjump over riverwalk immediately behind another person and in their footstepswalk on top of the footprints of one of one's own relation or race, made long agopull easily or gentlypray (to the lord of life)roll, as a wheelbarrow, over themwashboard
a-1 1on
a-2ahplural prefix for motion verbsverb3rd Person Plural Motion Verb Prefixpfxunspec. comp. formagunye2progressive aspect for motion verbsverb3rd Person Plural Motion Verb PrefixpfxThis prefix is added to the 3rd-person plural conjugations of motion verbs. Verbs such as come, go, arrive, return, etc., use this prefix for the 3rd-person conjugation. For example, the verb "gri" (he returns home) would not be simply "grinye" to say "they return home" as other verbs would conjugate but would be "agrinye." It is also used in a few other cases to indicate plural and not necessarily in the 3rd person. When used to indicate plural on motion verbs in the third-person, it does not have stress, however if it is used on motion verbs to express the progressive aspect, it gains stress.they bear or carry something together, by united effortgoing back or going home (progressive aspect)where are they who have come home or back? - refers to those near at hand and to those previously mentionedcoming back (progressive aspect)they (indefinite) arrive therethey (definite) arrive therethey (indefinite) comethey (definite) comegoing (progressive aspect)they (indefinite) gothey (definite) goyou-all are (while in a sitting position)you-all were (while in a sitting position)you-all are (sitting)you-all are (while moving)you-all were (while moving)you-all are (sitting)you-all are (while in a lying position)you-all were (while in a lying position)you-all are (lying down)you-all are (recumbant)February
a-3ahintensifier for adjective-verbspfxFor example, "suje" (red) vs "asuje" (very red).
a-4ahforverb > verbpfxdesire ofverb > verbpfxThe context of "for" denotes a "desire of" (IE "He is crying for his mother.").
a-5ahthey-definite (used with the positional "to be" verbs hąnge, nąnge, dąhe, and nąhe)verb > ???pfxThis prefix has stress when it is the first syllable on a positional "to be" verb.Comparehi-definite article, referring to definite plural lying inanimate objectsthey (definite) are (while moving or in an unknown position)definite article, referring to definite plural sitting, standing, lying, or moving animate or inanimate objects
a'thanyiAH'-thah-nyeealong the sideon the opposite sideon the other sideon that sideon this side
aadageAAH-dah-gayI closeverbunspec. comp. form ofha-1arageunspec. comp. form ofa-1First-Person Singular (I/me)arageunspec. comp. form ofa-1
aaguAAH-goounspec. comp. form ofha-1aguunspec. comp. form ofa-1guFirst-Person Singular (I/me)aguunspec. comp. form ofa-1gu
aanatheAAH-nah-thayI close (door or gate)verbI fasten (door or gate)verbI secure a field by fastening a gateverbI impede the advance or retreat of someone or somethingverbI check the advance or retreat of someone or somethingverbI cut off the advance or retreat of someone or somethingverbunspec. comp. form ofha-1anatheFirst-Person Singular (I/me)anathe
aanyiAAH-nyeeI haveverbunspec. comp. form ofha-1anyiunspec. comp. form ofa-1 1nyi1The conjugation "ahanyi" becomes "aanyi."I have themFirst-Person Singular (I/me)anyiunspec. comp. form ofa-1 1nyi1
aanyi hagriAAH-nyee hah-GREEI have - I come homeunspec. comp. form ofha-1anyiunspec. comp. form ofa-1 1nyi1griFirst-Person Singular (I/me)anyi griunspec. comp. form ofanyigri
Aba AmanyiAH-bah ah-MAH-nyeeWalking in the Snowproper noununspec. comp. form ofba 1snowamanyiwalk onunspec. comp. form ofa-1 1manyi 1An "h" sound usually appears between the "a" in ba and the first "a" in amanyi during regular speech.
abathdąah-BAH-thdahⁿcut off the corn from a cob, or hair from a hide with a knifetransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofba-
abax'eah-BAHX'-aypeel or skin, as potatoes, with a knifetransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofba-Compareabaxeunspec. comp. form ofba-arax'eunspec. comp. form ofra-2
abaxeah-BAH-xayshave off with a knife, as fat from entrailstransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofba-Compareabax'eunspec. comp. form ofba-
abeah-BAYthrow onverbunspec. comp. form ofa-1 1onbe2 1throwSecond-Person Singular to First-Person Singular ConjugationąnrabeAHⁿ-nah-bay
abixaah-BEE-xahon-blowblow onverbblowverbblow outverbunspec. comp. form ofa-1bixa
abobruah-BOH-brooblow dust on anythingtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofa-1bo-
abothdaah-BOH-thdahdirectly aboveprepWakąnda are abothda wawada miną ke/ki.God sits directly above, seeing us.synahadada ekirudąsji 1unspec. comp. form ofahadadaekirudą-sjiunspec. comp. formabothda manyiabothda minąabothda nayįDorsey notes with this term, "Without a qualifying word, it means directly above." This term is not conjugated. To refer to who or what something is directly above, a speaker must use the stand-alone pronouns. For example, "ri'e abothda" (above you), etc. This term can also refer to something being directly above an object. For example, "Waruje abothda haminą ke/ki" (I am sitting directly above the table).Compareahadada ekirudąsjiunspec. comp. form ofahadadaekirudą-sjishoot perpendicularly upward
abothdadirectly above
abothda kujeah-BOH-thdah KOO-jayshoot perpendicularly upwardverbunspec. comp. form ofabothdakuje 1shootDorsey notes for this term "to shoot perpendicularly, upward or downward." The reference to downward is incorrect. This term ONLY refers to shooting straight up.
abothda kujeshoot perpendicularly upward
abothda manyiah-BOH-thdah MAH-nyeewalk directly above onetransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofabothdadirectly abovemanyi 1walkCompareabothda minąunspec. comp. form ofabothdaminą 1abothda nayįunspec. comp. form ofabothdanayį 1
abothda manyiwalk directly above one
abothda minąah-BOH-thdah MEE-nahⁿsit directly abovetransitive verbsynahadada ekirudąsji minąunspec. comp. form ofahadada ekirudąsji 1miną 1unspec. comp. form ofabothdadirectly aboveminą 1sitCompareabothda manyiunspec. comp. form ofabothdamanyi 1abothda nayįunspec. comp. form ofabothdanayį 1
abothda minąsit directly above
abothda nayįah-BOH-thdah NAH-yeeⁿstand directly above onetransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofabothdadirectly abovenayį 1standCompareabothda manyiunspec. comp. form ofabothdamanyi 1abothda minąunspec. comp. form ofabothdaminą 1
abothda nayįstand directly above one
abrathgeah-BRAH-thgayprairienounplainnounvalleynounleveladjective-verblevel placeadjective-verbunspec. comp. form ofa-1brathgeArchaic Variantabrasgeah-BRAH-sgayFree Variantabrahgeah-BRAH-hgayabrasgeah-BRAH-sgayStanding On a Level