Otoe-Missouria - English


babahsnownounMaximilian/Thwaites notes that this term is the "same word as for head and nose" which isn't quite correct. Head and nose have a "p" sound whereas "snow" has a "b" sound.complex form:bahuunspec. comp. formAba Amanyibanyi1snowflakenounsnowshoessweep snowpaw away the snow, as a horse doesthe wind blows off all the snowsnowballsnowmanhailspring
ba-bahby means of cuttingverbInstrumental, By Means Of 2pfxby means of cutting with a knife or sawverbInstrumental, By Means Of 2pfxcut off the corn from a cob, or hair from a hide with a knifepeel or skin, as potatoes, with a knifeshave off with a knife, as fat from entrailsmake the sound heard in cutting rope with a knifecut on the very edge of an object with a knifecut tolerably fine with a knife, as meat or tobaccowhittlemake a creaking sound, as in cutting with a dull knife or hand sawcut to piecescut in piecescutcut off as with a saw or knifecut with a knife a long line on a a person's flesh, as in a fightmow (grass)cut off knots with a knife or saw from any piece of wood, making the surface smooth and evenfail in cutting with a knifefail in cutting back and forth with a knifefail in cutting with a knife or in sawing with a handsaw for want of time, etc.cutcut something offcut out a piece of butter, lard, etc., with a knifescrape or shave off by cutting towards oneself with a knifesplit with a knifecut the meat from a bone: referring to that which sticks to the bonecut with scissorscut off a string, etc., with a knifemake many chips when cutting with a dull knifecause the flesh to swell by using a dull knife on itcut wood with a dull knifesound word - make the sound heard when one cuts through metal or bonecut, as butter or lard, with a knifecut off all the meat remaining on a bonedeface or render second-hand by cutting with a knifedeface or render an object second-hand by cutting it with a knifecut an object rounded at the end with a knife, for (or by request of) the ownersawhand sawcrosscut sawwhat is used for sawing logs
ba agujebah ah-GOO-jaysnowshoesnoununspec. comp. form ofbaaguje
ba gijigebah gee-JEE-gehsweep snowtransitive verbpaw away the snow, as a horse doestransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofbagijigeunspec. comp. form ofgi-1*jige
ba gijige 1sweep snow
ba gijige 2paw away the snow, as a horse does
ba githojebah gee-THOH-jaythe wind blows off all the snowtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofbagithojeunspec. comp. form ofgi-1thoje
ba githojethe wind blows off all the snow
ba tawebah TAH-waysnowballnoununspec. comp. form ofbatawe1
ba wąngebah WAHⁿNG-aysnowmannounBa wąnge iyą hį'ųwi to/ta.Let's build a snowman.unspec. comp. form ofbawąnge1
ba'exeBAH'-ay-xayunspec. comp. form ofba-*x'exeunspec. comp. form ofx'efree variant ofbax'exeunspec. comp. form ofba-*x'exe
babaingebah-BAH-eeng-aybabynoununspec. comp. form ofingefree variant ofshingeBaxoje Variantmamainyemah-MAH-ee-nyayFree Variantmamainyemah-MAH-ee-nyay
babrųx'ebah-BROOX'-ayBAH-broox'-ayfly (insect)nounfliesnounDialectal Variantbabrox'ebah-BROHX'-ay
badatheBAH-tah-thaymake the sound heard in cutting rope with a knifetransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofba-Comparegidatheunspec. comp. form ofgi-1rudatheunspec. comp. form ofru-
badathemake the sound heard in cutting rope with a knife
baðeBAH-ðaybreastnoununspec. comp. formBaðe Grexebreasts of a femalenounArchaic VariantbaseBAH-saynippletip ends of the breastsmilkbreast watermilkcow's milk
baðe 2breasts of a female
Baðe GrexeBAH-ðay GRAY-xayWichitaproper noununspec. comp. form ofbaðe 1breastgrexe
baðiBAH-ðeecedarnoununspec. comp. formBaði GrijeBaði GrijemiBaði HuhemiBaði XąnjeBaðiingeBaðimi
Baði GrijeBAH-ðee GREE-jayLighting on a Cedar Treeproper noununspec. comp. form ofbaðicedargrije1CompareBaði Grijemiunspec. comp. form ofbaðigrije1-mi 1
Baði GrijemiBAH-ðee GREE-jay-meeLighting on a Cedar Treeproper noununspec. comp. form ofbaðicedargrije1-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofmingeCompareBaði Grijeunspec. comp. form ofbaðigrije1
Baði HuhemiBAH-ðay HOO-hay-meeComing Cedar Womanproper nounComing Cedar Femaleproper nounCedarproper nounThis gloss translation is not complete.unspec. comp. form ofbaðicedarhuhe 1be comingunspec. comp. form ofhu2 1-he-mi 3feminine name indicatorcontracted variant ofminge
Baði XąnjeBAH-ðee XAHⁿN-jayBig Cedarproper noununspec. comp. form ofbaðicedarxąnjeFree VariantBaði XąnyeBAH-ðee XAHⁿ-nyay
Baði XąnyeBAH-ðee XAHⁿ-nyayunspec. comp. form ofbaðifree variant ofBaði Xąnjeunspec. comp. form ofbaðixąnje
BaðiingeBAH-ðee-eeng-ayLittle Cedarproper noununspec. comp. form ofbaðicedaringefree variant ofshinge
BaðimiBAH-ðee-meeCedar Treeproper nounCedarproper nounCedar Womanproper nounCedar Womanproper noununspec. comp. form ofbaðicedar-mi 3feminine name indicatorcontracted variant ofminge
baðiweBAH-ðee-waycut on the very edge of an object with a knifetransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofba-ðiweComparegiðiweunspec. comp. form ofgi-1ðiweraðiweunspec. comp. form ofra-2ðiweruðiweunspec. comp. form ofru-ðiwewaðiweunspec. comp. form ofwa-2ðiwewiðiweunspec. comp. form ofwi-1ðiwe
baðnyiBAH-ðnyeeunspec. comp. form ofbaðefree variant ofbanyi2unspec. comp. form ofbaðenyi3nyi3
badoweBAH-doh-waycut tolerably fine with a knife, as meat or tobaccotransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofba-dowe2Comparebodoweunspec. comp. form ofbo-dowe2radoweunspec. comp. form ofra-2dowe2ridoweunspec. comp. form ofri-2dowe2wadoweunspec. comp. form ofwa-2dowe2