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ch'ech'EHdieverbunspec. comp. formch'e jinathgech'e jirathgediedverbHįngich'e ke.It died for me.deadverbHįngich'e ke.Mine is dead.Ichįnchinge hįngich'e ke.My child is dead.Ichįnchinge hįngich'e ke.My child is dead.Ichįnchinge hįngich'enye ke.My children are dead.deathverbArchaic Variantchą'eFree Variantt'a1t'AHt'anyet'AH-nyayThird-Person Plural Conjugation (indefinite)ch'enyech'AY-nyayt'anyet'AH-nyayFirst-Person Future Plural Conjugationhįnch'eta hnyeheeⁿn-ch'AY-tah hnyaynew moondark of the moonlying deadcasketcoffinkillkill, as by accidentmurdercause to be deadcause to diewound a foe in battlescare nearly to deathslaughter cattledie from heat or colddie from firedie from freezingwe (3+) will diedie of thirsthe is dying of thirstdie from (some cause which is named)dead sleepydie of hunger
ch'e hąngech'EH HAHⁿNG-aylying deadverbWą'shige ga'e nąnkerida ch'e hąnge irogrenye ke/ki.That man was found dead (lying) long ago.unspec. comp. form ofch'ehąngeFor this phrase, ch'e is sometimes changed to t'a.Comparet'a hąngaunspec. comp. form oft'a1hąnga
ch'e jinathgech'-eh JEE-nah-thgayunspec. comp. form ofch'e 1diejinathgefree variant ofjirathgefree variant ofch'e jirathgeunspec. comp. form ofch'e 1jirathge
ch'e jirathgech'-eh JEE-rah-thgayfeel as if one would dieunspec. comp. form ofch'e 1diejirathgeunspec. comp. form ofjira1ithgeFree Variantch'e jinathgech'-eh JEE-nah-thgay
ch'e uyąch'EH oo-YAHⁿcasketnouncoffinnoununspec. comp. form ofch'euyąunspec. comp. form ofu-
ch'egech'AY-gaylazyadjective-verbindolentadjective-verbwithered, dead, dried up, as leaves by the sun
ch'ehich'AY-heecause to diekilltransitive verbTa ch'ehi ke/ki.He/she killed the deer.unspec. comp. formMayą Ch'ehimiNuwe Ch'ehimiWach'ehi ManyiWach'ehi Manyimikill, as by accidenttransitive verbmurdertransitive verbcause to be deadtransitive verbcause to dietransitive verbwound a foe in battletransitive verbscare nearly to deathtransitive verbslaughter cattletransitive verbcomposed ofch'e-hiFirst-Person Singular Conjugationch'ehach'AY-hahmurdererFemale Who Murders
chachahexpressing surprise or disappointmentinterjis it possible!interjpsha!interjwhy!interjThis is an interjection. It does not ask "why."tushinterjsaid of a son who died with his back to the foeinterjcurseinterjComparewa1
chąpshawinterjtushinterjinterjection, expressing surprise or disappointmentinterjIs it possible?interjThis term is an exclamation.Comparewa1
chagre1CHAH-grayshieldnounThis term may translate to "joined buffalo skin" (che (buffalo) + ha (skin/hide) + gre (joined).
chagre2CHAH-grayfoundation for a housenoununspec. comp. form ofchiagre
ChagrijemiCHAH-gree-jay-meeLighting on Housetopproper noununspec. comp. form ofchi 1housea-1 1ongrije1 2lighting
chakiru'thąCHAH-kee-roo'-thahⁿarbor (with bent poles)nounwigwamnoununspec. comp. form ofchiakiru'thąunspec. comp. form ofki-Comparechi akiruthąingeunspec. comp. form ofchiakiru'thąinge
chax'eCHAHX'-aysound word - clapping or slapping soundsound word - swishing sound (water)Compareshax'eunspec. comp. form ofx'efree variant ofthax'ethax'eunspec. comp. form oftha2x'emake sound by hittingmake a smacking sound with the mouth, as in eatingsmack the lipsthrust a stick into mud holes containing water, which flies out with a "swish"
chax'e 1sound word - clapping or slapping sound
chax'e 2sound word - swishing sound (water)
che1chaybuffalonoununspec. comp. formChe DąhemiChe DąnraChe ÐimiChe Dogeingeche heche hįche paChe PaChe PimiChe Rutumiche shingeChe TheweChe ThewemiChe Thi Gi'ąChe Thkamiche tugeChe UjeChe Wą'saingeChe Wangegihiche wax'uChe Xgamiche xuhachedanyiChedo NayįChedo ThkaCheinyemiChemiChemi XąnjeChethąmiItų Chemibisonnounlarge cattlenounbeefnounArchaic Varianttetaytehsurround buffalokidneys of a buffalo or oxbuffalo bullbullJulymating of the bisonbuffalo cowBuffalo Humprectum of cattleShieldbuffalo boneshide trunkbullcowhidebuffalo hidehornbuffalo calfcalf of domestic cowcowbuffalo cowbuffalo femalecowcattleoxoxendomestic cowbovinebeefmoccasinshoe
che anathechay ah-NAH-thaysurround buffaloverbunspec. comp. form ofche1anathe
che asdųnjechay AH-sdooⁿn-jaykidneys of a buffalo or oxnoununspec. comp. form ofche1asdųnje
che brųhgechay BROOⁿ-hgayleechnoun
Che Dąhemichay dahⁿ-HAY-meeBuffalo Standing Womanproper noununspec. comp. form ofche1 1buffalodąheunspec. comp. form of-he-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofminge
Che Dąnrachay DAHⁿ-nahGreat Buffaloproper nounWonderful Buffaloproper nounLone Buffaloproper noununspec. comp. form ofche1 1buffalodąnra
Che Ðimichay ÐEE-meeYellow Buffalo Womanproper noununspec. comp. form ofche1 1buffaloðiyellow-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofminge
che dogechay DOH-gaybuffalo - malebuffalo bullnounbullnoununspec. comp. form ofche1dogeContracted VariantchedoCHAY-doh
Che Dogeingechay DOH-gay-eeng-ayYoung Buffalo Bullproper noununspec. comp. form ofche1 1buffalodoge 1maleingefree variant ofshinge
che ha ruwįCHAY hah roo-WEEⁿstretch a buffalo hide by pulling ittransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofchehacomposed ofche1chexgaha1ruwįunspec. comp. form ofru-