Otoe-Missouria - English


da1dahbe in a standing positionverbbe standingverbCompareje4
da2dahask forverbask for somethingverbbegverbCompareiwąxe
da3dahI don't know
da-2dahby means of lightverbInstrumental, By Means Of 2pfxby means of heatverbInstrumental, By Means Of 2pfxunspec. comp. formwidap'osgeby means of freezingverbInstrumental, By Means Of 2pfxby means of timeverbInstrumental, By Means Of 2pfxby means of being soakedverbInstrumental, By Means Of 2pfxWhitman (1947) notes, "All the verbs formed with da- are intransitive and must be made transitive by the addition of the causative suffix..."succeed in cooking, heating, etc.make foodcrack by freezingsmell of firesmell, as food when cookingsmell, as incense when burningto smell, as food when cooking, or as incense when burningburst from heatburst with heatburst from freezingwiltwilt (from the heat)dry by means of heatdry somethingdie from heat or colddie from firedie from freezingwithered, dead, dried up, as leaves by the sunexplode, burst by heatingcrack by heatingsaid of a fire that burns off all the branches of a treeraised by heatfrozenfreezecongealedcongealcoldcold (feeling)burnt to nothingdestroyed by fireconsume, as a fire does a house or other combustiblessingedstop burning, boiling, etc.warmfrozensparkleget warm after coming in from the coldgive out heat, making the lodge or person more comfortabledisappear from firefail in burningfail in freezingto fail for want of time, in burning or freezingto fail in burning or freezingbroken by heat, when the fragments have fallen to the ground and are levelfrozenblacken in fireblacken by heatblacken by firecharmelt or thaw, as ice, snow, butter, fat meat, lard, etc., if exposed to heatmelt, as a metalferment, as yeastrise, swell up, as breadsend out a coal from the firecause to swell by heatcause to swell by heat, as food by cooking or boilingcause to swell, as rice, etc., by cookingswell, as corn, from being soakedswell, as corn soakedburntmade sleepy, as when in a hot room, or out of doors on a calm, warm dayflash repeatedly, as sheet lightningcast a reflection of sunlight, etc., as do windows, when the sun is rising or setting opposite themshineglitterbrickbricksflash of fireheatyeast bread after it has been raised (puffed up)
da'įDAH'-eeⁿsucceed in cooking, heating, etc.verbmake foodverbunspec. comp. form ofda-2*'įComparera'įunspec. comp. form ofra-2*'įwa'įunspec. comp. form ofwa-2*'įwi'įunspec. comp. form ofwi-1*'į
da'sageDAH'-sah-gaycrack by freezingtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofda-2'sage
dabrąDAH-brahⁿsmell of fireverbsmell, as food when cookingverbsmell, as incense when burningverbunspec. comp. form ofda-2brąThis term refers to what something smells like, not the act of smelling.Comparerubrąunspec. comp. form ofru-brą
dabraðeDAH-brah-ðayburst from heatverbburst with heatverbburst from freezingverbunspec. comp. form ofda-2*braðeComparegibraðeunspec. comp. form ofgi-1*braðewabraðeunspec. comp. form ofwa-2*braðewibraðeunspec. comp. form ofwi-1*braðe
dabriyeDAH-bree-yaywiltverbwilt (from the heat)verbunspec. comp. form ofda-2*briye
dabuðeDAH-boo-ðaydry by means of heatverbunspec. comp. form ofda-2buðeArchaic VariantdawuðeDAH-woo-ðayFree VariantdawuðeDAH-woo-ðayDorsey notes that this term can be "said of the heat of the sun on a warm day, when it dries clothing, the ground, etc."Comparewabuðeunspec. comp. form ofwa-2buðewibuðeunspec. comp. form ofwi-1buðe
dach'eDAHCH'-ehdie from heat or coldadjective-verbdie from fireadjective-verbdie from freezingadjective-verbunspec. comp. form ofda-2ch'e"Where the people were burnt to death by a prairie fire which they had kindled," the name of a hill south of the Elkhorn river, and near West Point, Neb. The wind blew very hard, so the fire overtook three or four Omahas, who perished in the flames.
dach'egeDAHCH'-ay-gaywithered, dead, dried up, as leaves by the sunverbunspec. comp. form ofda-2ch'egemake vegetation wither away by biting around the roots, as rabbits docause grass, etc., to wither by punching at it - said also when hogs root up the ground, causing vegetation to withermake vegetation wither by rolling over it, as a horse may do
dadąDAH-dahⁿwhen?at what time?Dadą?At what time?to what distance or lengthhow far?how long?to what place?Comparetadątąhedaunto what time or place?till when?sometimewhenever, in the futurewhensoevernow and then (not continuously)at intervalsoccasionallyof caution, but without the idea of commandingwhen?at what past time?when was it?
dadą 1when?
dadą 2at what time?
dadą 3to what distance or length
dadą 4how far?
dadą 5how long?
dadą 6to what place?
dadą hiDAH-dahⁿ heeunto what time or place?till when?unspec. comp. form ofdadąhi2Comparetadą hiunspec. comp. form oftadąhi2
dadą hi 1unto what time or place?
dadą hi 2till when?
dadą'sųDAH-dah'-sooⁿsometimeadverbwhenever, in the futureadverbwhensoeveradverbnow and then (not continuously)adverbat intervalsadverboccasionallyadverbof caution, but without the idea of commandingadverbDadą'sų rabogwe hnye ke/ki.Beware lest at any time you stumble.unspec. comp. form ofdadą-sųFree Variantdadąnk'sųDAH-dahⁿnk'-sooⁿComparetadą'sųunspec. comp. form oftadą-sųat some future day
dadą'sų 2whenever, in the future
dadą'sų 3whensoever
dadą'sų 4now and then (not continuously)
dadą'sų 5at intervals
dadą'sų 6occasionally
dadąndaDAH-dahⁿn-dahwhen?Dadąnda wa'ų je/ja?When was it done?/When did it occur? (used when the subject is not mentioned)at what past time?when was it?unspec. comp. form ofdadąidaComparetadąngiunspec. comp. form oftadą-gi2
dadąnda 1when?
dadąnda 2at what past time?
dadąnda 3when was it?
dadąnk'shųDAH-dahⁿnk'-shooⁿunspec. comp. form ofdadą-k'shųfree variant of-k'sųfree variant ofdadąnk'sųfree variant ofdadą'sųunspec. comp. form ofdadą-k'sų
dadąnk'sųDAH-dahⁿnk'-sooⁿunspec. comp. form ofdadą-k'sųfree variant of-sųFree Variantdadąnk'shųDAH-dahⁿnk'-shooⁿfree variant ofdadą'sųunspec. comp. form ofdadą-sų
dadoxeDAH-doh-xayexplode, burst by heatingverbunspec. comp. form ofda-2doxe
daduxeDAH-doo-xaycrack by heatingverbunspec. comp. form ofda-2tuxe
dageDAH-gayscoldtransitive verb
dagrethgedah-GRAY-thgayfleanounFree Varianttagresgetah-GRAY-sgaywood tick
dagrethge brathgedah-GRAY-thgay BRAH-thgayflat fleawood ticknoununspec. comp. form ofdagrethgebrathge