Otoe-Missouria - English


e2ehsayverbsaidverbspeakverbunspec. comp. formich'e idąndą esays (he/she/it says)verbsay anythingverbanswerverbThe source of this sense (answer) was derived from Maximilian's entry of "ihe" (i-hä̇) which he gave as simply meaning "answer." "Ihe" is the conjugation of "e" which says "I say." Using this, the entry for "e" (and its conjugations) were updated to also mean "answer."thinkverbFirst-Person Singular Conjugationiheee-HAYFree Varianta1ahSecond-Person Singular Conjugationise1ee-SAYCompareewethey (indefinite) saythey (indefinite) saidwhat he saidsay tosay anything to anothersay as followshe said thatsayingsaysay that (used in replies)say thatsay that accidentally, falsely, etc.think thatsay thatthink thatspeak accurately, correctly, honestly
e2 1say
e gra-ay GRAHhis, hers, itsverb > ???pfxunspec. comp. form ofe'egra- 1ownComparegigra-unspec. comp. form ofgra- 1gru-unspec. comp. form ofgra-ru-
e nąhaAY nahⁿ-hahwhat he saidunspec. comp. form ofe2nąha2free variant ofnąhe1
e nąha ige areAY nah-HAH EE-gay AH-raythey were people that were moving (not horses, etc.)unspec. comp. form ofe'enąha2free variant ofnąhe1ige areunspec. comp. form ofige1are1Dorsey notes that this is a "cl. of motion" (clause of motion).
E Wagųnðeay wah-GOOⁿN-ðayInventorproper noununspec. comp. form ofe'ewagųnðeunspec. comp. form ofwa-1gųnðe
e'aAY'-ahsay toverbsay anything to anotherverbunspec. comp. form ofe2say as follows tosay that tosay as follows to anotherwe (3+) say anything to anotherI say anything to anotheryou say anything to anothersay this to anothersay that to another (used in replies)
e'a 1say to
e'eEH'-ehhepronounshepronounitpronountheypronounsynewiContracted Variante1Compareewihis, hers, itsthey were people that were moving (not horses, etc.)Inventor
e'e.....-sgeEH'-ehwishverbwishingverbI wishverbThis term is not conjugated in any way to express a first person form of "I wish" but rather the subject "I" is the default position because it is the speaker expressing the "wish".oh that (a form of introducing a wish)verbThis term carries the idea of "oh that" in the context of "Oh that it would rain later" as in "I wish that it would rain later."so thatverbpleaseE'e ųnrak'ųsge.Please give it to me.hopeE'e ųnrak'ųsge.I hope that you will give it to me.This term goes at the front of a sentence and it is ended with "-sge." For example, "E'e hajesge!" (I wish I might go) and "E'e aatasge!" (I wish I could see him.).Comparesge ireunspec. comp. form of-sgeire1
e'iAY'-eecommand or tell one to do anythingverbunspec. comp. forme'inyee'iwiehe'iere'iere'iwieri'ihe'ihe'iwiheri'iwiwe'i1wewe'iwewere'iunspec. comp. form ofa-1gi-1First-Person Dual Conjugationhe'ihay'-EEFirst-Person Plural Conjugationhe'iwihay'-EE-weeFirst-Person Plural to Second-Person Singular Conjugationheri'iwihay-REE'-ee-weeFirst-Person Singular Conjugationehe'iay-HAY'-eeFirst-Person Singular to Second-Person Singular Conjugationeri'iay-REE'-eeSecond-Person Plural Conjugationere'iwiay-RAY'-ee-weeSecond-Person Singular Conjugationere'iay-RAY'-eeSecond-Person Singular to First-Person Dual Conjugationwewere'iway-WAY-ray'-eeThird-Person Plural Conjugation (definite)e'iwiay'-EE-weeThird-Person Plural Conjugation (indefinite)e'inyeay'-EE-nyayThird-Person Singular to First-Person Dual Conjugationwewe'iway-WAY'-eeFirst-Person Plural to Third-Person Plural Conjugationhįwe'iwiheeⁿ-WAY'-ee-weeFirst-Person Singular to Third-Person Plural Conjugationwe'i2WAY'-eewehe'iway-HAY'-eeSecond-Person Singular to Third-Person Plural Conjugationwere'iway-RAY'-eeThird-Person Singular to Third-Person Pluralwe'i1WAY'-eeThird-Person Plural (indefinite) to First-Person Dual or Plural Conjugationwewe'inyeway-WAY'-ee-nyaytell or command one's own relation (wife, child, etc.) to make or do anythingthey (indefinite) command or tell us to do anything
e'inyeay'-EE-nyayunspec. comp. form ofe'icommand or tell one to do anythingunspec. comp. form ofa-1gi-1-nyeThird-Person Plural (indefinite)e'iunspec. comp. form ofa-1gi-1
e'iwiay'-EE-weeunspec. comp. form ofe'icommand or tell one to do anythingunspec. comp. form ofa-1gi-1-wiThird-Person Plural (definite)e'iunspec. comp. form ofa-1gi-1
e'sąAY'-sahⁿaroundprepall aroundprepall roundprepFree Variante'shąAY'-shahⁿComparee'sųyardlawn area
e'sųAY'-sooⁿneararoundFree Variante'shųAY'-shooⁿComparee'są
ebraxeAY-brah-xayspread out or open out something on a blanketverbspread out or open out a blanket or robe on a horse
ebraxe 'ųAY-brah-xay 'ooⁿspread out or open out a blanket or robe on a horseverbunspec. comp. form ofebraxe
ebrayeay-BRAH-yaystraddle somethingtransitive verbmotorcycle
ebraye pu'pu't'eay-BRAH-yay POO'-poot-'aymotorcyclenoununspec. comp. form ofebrayepu'pu't'e
edaay-DAHthenunspec. comp. formnų'edaand(and) thenFree Varianthedahay-DAH
edoAY-dohsettle on (surface)verbalight onverblit onverbland onverbunspec. comp. form ofa-1idoThird-Person Singular to First-Person Singular ConjugationąndoAHⁿN-dohThird-Person Singular to Second-Person Singular Conjugationaridoah-REE-dohsettle on mealight on melit on melanded on mesettle on youalight on youlit on youland on you
edogweAY-doh-gwaythrough manypass through many from one to another
edogwe repass through many from one to anotherverbunspec. comp. form ofedogwere2 1go
edoweAY-doh-waythroughgo throughgo through suddenly, forciblygo through an object suddenly or forcibly
edowe reAY-doh-way raygo throughverbunspec. comp. form ofedowere2 1go
edowe rehiAY-doh-way RAY-heego through suddenly, forciblyverbgo through an object suddenly or forciblyverbunspec. comp. form ofedowerehicomposed ofre2-hi
egiruðiweay-GEE-roo-ðee-waycover one with their own robe, perhaps by their requesttransitive verbCompareagiruðiweunspec. comp. form ofgi-3ru-