Otoe-Missouria - English


ieemouthnoununspec. comp. formI AraI PejemiI WabraðemiI WaxonyimiirodaArchaic Varianthi3heeFree Varianthi3heeyawngapeYawningGapingmake with the mouthpoint at an object with the lips, instead of with the index fingertoothacheput in the mouthspit up bloodliplipsteethbeardchinyawningopen mouthkiss
i-1eewithpfxunspec. comp. formho ikujeigrakujeiresgeiruthewaramąhį wirujemįnkeherawenąnje i'ųwi-2witahį greatverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxyonderverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxtoverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxbyverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxforpfxaboutpfxuppfxThe sense of "up" here is the idea of "eat up" rather than the direction of "up".unspec. comp. formirujeinstrumental prefixpfxunspec. comp. formibathewarainąthewarairathewaraa prefix denoting the means or instrument, the place where, time when, etc.pfxWillim Whitman notes in his "Descriptive Grammar of Ioway-Oto" (1947) that the prefix "i-" is translated as, "at, to, by and any general locative not covered by the concepts of the first two positionals." (Whitman previously mentions "a-" and "u-" as the first two positionals.) Wistrand-Robinson classifies this as an "neighboring location" locative prefix and credits Voegelin for that.do todo formake formake withto do (to, for)make out of or by means ofthirstydie from (some cause which is named)cut an object rounded at the end with a knife, for (or by request of) the ownerfor one's disadvantagenot to be good for onechop wood with (an axe, etc.)tie up one's own bag again with the same cord: said of a bag which has been untiedtie one's own with (preceded by the name of the instrument)fetchgo to (fetch)measuremeasure (with a rule)indicate bydream abouthave a visionvarieddifferentof different kindsof different kinds, colors, shapesshoot withsit with reference to some other object or placerun alongcut an object with (a mowing machine, reaper, etc.)whetstonethat by means of which harm may comedrink, as water, after eatingworthvalueput a price on an articlereckon or allow tocut with scissorsraised upsellexchange, trade (a single object)have funhair greasesaid if one cuts a tree which splits as it fallscut with by pushing with the handbrush offmake a surface smooth, as a beaver does a hole, by passing through it and rubbing against itdeface a book, etc., by rubbing it with the handsnear to an object without touchinga degree of closeness which refers to being close, but still further away than other terms that express the idea of closea degree of closeness without actual contact (middle range with other terms that can describe closeness as being either further away or even closer)be enfeebled by, as by violent exercisecactuspierce withsinglyinglying downpurge the bowels, as medicinegun swabwhetstonebridlefarmershovelspadehoesawhand sawadzeraspfilecrosscut sawwhat is used for sawing logssawdrillborecutinkwater used for writingbatteryrakereceiptreceiptstringpack stringstrapcord, etc., by means of which a pack is fastened to the backbridlelariatreinslong thongsievegourd rattleforkspear
i-2eehisnounpronoun prefixpfxhernounpronoun prefixpfxtheirnounpronoun prefixpfx
i-3eeheverbSubject Pronoun Prefix part 1pfxsheverbSubject Pronoun Prefix part 1pfxitverbSubject Pronoun Prefix part 1pfxThis term is attached to some adjective-verbs as well as some others.
i araee AH-rahyawnverbgapeverbunspec. comp. form ofiara1
I Araee AH-rahYawningproper noununspec. comp. form ofimouthara1open wideCompareI Aramiunspec. comp. form ofiara1-mi
I Aramiee AH-rah-meeYawningproper nounGapingproper noununspec. comp. form ofiara1-micontracted variant ofmingeThis name often has the "y" sound occuring between the i and a.CompareI Araunspec. comp. form ofiara1
i are 'ųee AH-ray 'OOⁿmake with the mouthverbunspec. comp. form ofiare1composed ofje arethgetąComparenąwe are 'ųunspec. comp. form ofnąwe1are1thi are 'ųunspec. comp. form ofthi1are1
i irawaðoEE ee-RAH-wah-ðohpoint at an object with the lips, instead of with the index fingertransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofiirawaðoFree Varianti irawaðuEE ee-RAH-wah-ðoo
i irawaðuEE ee-RAH-wah-ðoounspec. comp. form ofiirawaðufree variant ofirawaðofree variant ofi irawaðounspec. comp. form ofiirawaðo
i nyich'eee NYEECH'-ehtoothachesynihi nyich'ecomposed ofihi1nyich'eunspec. comp. form ofinyich'e
I Pejemiee PAY-jay-meeFire in the Mouthproper nounFemale With Fire In Her Mouthproper noununspec. comp. form ofimouthpejefire-mi 3feminine name indicatorcontracted variant ofminge
i ubeee OO-bayput in the mouthverbunspec. comp. form ofiu-be2
i wabage rax'igeEE wah-BAH-gay rahx'-EE-gayspit up bloodtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofiwabagerax'igeunspec. comp. form ofra-2
i wabage rax'igespit up blood
I Wabraðemiee WAH-brah-ðay-meeMouth Torn By Punching Femaleproper noununspec. comp. form ofimouthwa-2*braðe-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofminge
I Waxonyimiee wah-XOH-nyee-meeOne Speaking Holyproper nounSacred Mouth Femaleproper nounMysterious Mouth Femaleproper noununspec. comp. form ofimouthwaxonyitąunspec. comp. form ofwa-1xonyitą-mi 3feminine name indicatorcontracted variant ofminge
i'sąEE'-sahⁿjourneynounI'są aranye ke/ki.They are going away.tripnoununspec. comp. form ofgi-1Comparei'sąnąunspec. comp. form ofi'są-nąu'sąhoneymoongo on a honeymoonvoyage
i'sąnąEE'-sahⁿ-nahⁿhoneymoonverbgo on a honeymoonverbvoyageverbunspec. comp. form ofi'sąunspec. comp. form ofgi-1-nąComparei'sąunspec. comp. form ofgi-1u'są
i'shaee'-SHAHlaughverbunspec. comp. formigrak'shalaugh atverbsmileverbFree Varianti'saee'-SAHik'saik'shaeek'-SHAHishaee-SHAHlaugh at anotherplague, tease, ridiculemake fun oflaugh atabusetreat badlycause one to laughcause them to laughmake them laughlaugh at each otherlaugh with each otherlaugh at each othermake one laugh by talking to themmake one laugh by shaking or ticklingmake a person laugh by punching, or pushing at themmake laugh by pressing on
I'sha Manyilaugh - alwaysunspec. comp. form ofi'shamanyifree variant ofIk'sha Manyiunspec. comp. form ofik'shamanyi
i'sha'shaee'-SHAH'-shahplague, tease, ridiculetransitive verbmake fun oftransitive verblaugh attransitive verbabusetransitive verbThis term refers to verbal abuse.treat badlytransitive verbThis term refers to treating badly in a verbal sense.unspec. comp. form ofi'shaFree Variantik'shak'shaeek'-SHAHK'-shah
i'shahiee'-SHAH-heecause one to laughverbunspec. comp. form ofi'sha-hi 1causeBaxoje Variantik'shahieek'-SHAH-heeFree Variantik'shahieek'-SHAH-hee
i'ųee'-OOⁿdo toverbdo forverbmake forverbmake withverbmake out of or by means ofverbunspec. comp. form ofi-1that cannot be made into anythingthat which can be made into something
i'ų skunyiwahiee'-OOⁿ SKOO-nyee-wah-heethat cannot be made into anythingunspec. comp. form ofi'ųunspec. comp. form ofi-1-skunyi-wahiunspec. comp. form of-wa1-hi