Otoe-Missouria - English


igiee-GEEhereIgi nąnga ke.It is here.right hereIgi miną ke/ki.He/she lives right here.thisContracted Variant-gi1geeCompareidathat one over theretodaydaybreakduring today (past time)earlier todayherehe is heredwellsit herehereit is hereput it hereput it herehereright herethis
igi dąhaEE-gee dahⁿ-HAHherehe is hereunspec. comp. form ofigidąheunspec. comp. form of-heCompareigi nąngaunspec. comp. form ofiginąnga
igi minąee-GEE MEE-nahⁿdwellverbsit hereverbunspec. comp. form ofigiminą
igi nąngaEE-gee NAHⁿNG-ahhereit is hereunspec. comp. form ofiginąngafree variant ofnąnge1Compareigi dąhaunspec. comp. form ofigidąhe
igibagrąnjeee-GEE-bah-grahⁿn-jaycut an object rounded at the end with a knife, for (or by request of) the ownertransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofi-1gi-3ba-grąnje
igichexiee-GEE-chay-xeefor one's disadvantageverbnot to be good for oneverbunspec. comp. form ofi-1gi-3chexiThis term refers to what one has done that comes back as a problem or disadvantage for them.
igijeee-GEE-jehput it hereverbunspec. comp. form ofigihijeCompareidejeunspec. comp. form ofidahijeigijehiunspec. comp. form ofigihijehi
igijehiee-GEE-jay-heeput it hereverbunspec. comp. form ofigihijehiunspec. comp. form ofhije-hiCompareigijeunspec. comp. form ofigihije
igirarahdąee-GEE-rah-rah-hdahⁿdrink, as water, after eatingverbunspec. comp. form ofgi-3irarahdąunspec. comp. form ofi-1rahdąCompareigirarujeunspec. comp. form ofgi-3irarujeirarahdąunspec. comp. form ofi-1rahdą
igirarujeee-GEE-rah-roo-jayeat different things togetherverbeat, as dessert, after other foodverbunspec. comp. form ofgi-3irarujeunspec. comp. form ofruje1Compareigirarahdąunspec. comp. form ofgi-3irarahdąirarujeunspec. comp. form ofruje1waruje1composed ofwa-1ruje1
igirugrąee-GEE-roo-grahⁿjudgetransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofgi-3irugrą
igirushiee-GEE-roo-sheeobject to one's doing anythingtransitive verbprohibittransitive verbdeny to, refuse to give to, or withhold fromtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofgi-3irushiobject to their doing somethingprohibit themdeny to or withhold from them (without the idea of scolding)
igithewaraee-GEE-thay-wah-rahsoil or deface by striking, scratching, etc.verbunspec. comp. form ofgi-1thewaraunspec. comp. form oftheweara2
igithgeee-GEE-thgayequal tounspec. comp. formWigithgeWigithgemikindsorttypeunspec. comp. form ofgi-3ithgeFree Variantigixgeee-GEE-xgayequally light (refers to some other large object)place homogeneous objects by themselves in each pilea little like itsomewhat like an object or person
igithge hijejehiee-GEE-thgay hee-JAY-jay-heeplace homogeneous objects by themselves in each pileverbunspec. comp. form ofigithgeunspec. comp. form ofgi-3ithgehijehiunspec. comp. form ofhije-hi
igithgethgeee-GEE-thgay-thgaya little like itsomewhat like an object or personunspec. comp. form ofigithgeunspec. comp. form ofgi-3ithgeithge
igrageee-GRAH-gayrecognize a personverbunspec. comp. formIgragenamiIgragenąmi
Igragenamiee-GRAH-gay-nah-meeOne Recognizingproper noununspec. comp. form ofigragerecognize a person-ną 9progressive aspect-mi 3feminine name indicatorcontracted variant ofminge
Igragenąmiee-GRAH-gay-nahⁿ-meeFemale Who Usually Recognizes Her Ownproper noununspec. comp. form ofigragerecognize a person-ną-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofminge
igrajįheee-GRAH-jeeⁿ-hayproudtransitive verbproud oftransitive verbWigrajįhe hnye ke/ki.He/she will be proud of them.Compareigrasjįngeunspec. comp. form ofgra-isjįngeisjįngeproudthink oneself a great or important personthink highly of oneself
igrajįhe 2proud of
igrak'shaee-GRAHK'-shahlaugh at one's ownverbunspec. comp. form ofgra- 1owni'sha 1laugh
igrak'shak'shaee-GRAHK'-shahk'-shahlaugh repeatedly at one's ownverb
igrakujeee-GRAH-koo-jayshoot his own with (any weapon)verbunspec. comp. form ofi-1 1withgra- 1ownkuje 1shoot
igranayįee-GRAH-nah-yeeⁿdepend on one's ownverbtrust in one's ownverbunspec. comp. form ofgra- 1owninayį