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3nahⁿtreenoununspec. comp. formną hujeNą JijeNą JijeminąsujeingeNodwaxe Nayįwakąnda nochiingewoodnoununspec. comp. formną rugwaną tugenąnthrejenerugrųnjenogwąpolenountimbernoununspec. comp. formNerodąwemiFree Variant1tree limblimbcrossbranch when on the treewoodpeckeradze wood, to hew it with a broad axecut one's wood off with an axcut woodsawhand sawadzebrace or prop, as for a wall or buildingFemale Who Examines TimbersawraspfileTwo WoodTwo Woodfruitwhat a tree bearsfloordrumwooden drumbaby boardcradleboardplant (tree)wooden bowlcordmeasure of woodwedgecarved wooddried tree, one without sapdead treeleaflimbbrushwoodbark (tree bark)barkraspberrymulberrystickboughcanestaffcarwagonwagon, cart, wheel, etc.toy wagontreestanding woodboardplanklumberthornpineIndian perfumelogfallen treesugarsyruphoneystrained honeymolassesmaplewarclub (wood with a smooth head - a kind of warclub)dolldragging polestravois poleslogfallen treelogfiddlesinging woodmulberrydrillborecutaugersawboardFemale Who Seeks for WoodFemale Seeking WoodFemale Who Strikes Woodfloorfruitwhat a tree bears
ną-nahⁿby means of foot or feetverbInstrumental, By Means Of 1pfxunspec. comp. forminąthewaranąmbrathge2nąnduthenąnthrathrajeby means of machineryverbInstrumental, By Means Of 1pfxwith the footverbInstrumental, By Means Of 1pfxburst or tear open the moccasinstread on an object lying on the ground, floor, etc.kick one object down on anothercut an object with (a mowing machine, reaper, etc.)warm oneself by walking fastscratch oneself with the footlift an object by putting the foot under itrun or walk farkick one hard and make a deep or severe woundrend or tear open with the foot, or by machinerycrunch (sound) with the feetmake crunching noise with feetmake crunch sound with feetblistered on the feetblister the feet from walking or running very farsprain, hurt anklebreak a long object by footbreak by footbreak with the footmake the sound heard when one treads on loose plankswipe or rub the feetstamplimpcan't walk properlyhaltcome to a stopkickkick out one's feetfail in producing the desired effect with the foot or by machinerybreak, as a string, with the footcut off cord, stalks of wheat, grass, etc., by machinerybreak with the footwalk straight, as a sober personcause to swell by kicking or by treading onkeep on his way, walking through deep snow or tall grass and thicketsmake cry by stepping onwalk pigeon-toedkick and break in pieces, scattering the fragments on any objectwork the feet up and down in mudtread or kick out pieces, as from soft groundtake out pieces of an object by machineryHe Who Jumps On the Man He Is About to KillHe Who Puts His Foot Down On an Object to Prevent Its Escapethrasherthrashing machinecut grass or hay via a machinelawnmowermowing machine
-nąnahⁿandsfxit issfxissfxaresfxhavingsfxThe idea of "having" here is not the idea of possession but rather the idea of past tense. For example, "Having eaten, the baby went to sleep." This idea of "having" can also be used to express the idea of before. For example, "Warajiną raji?" which literally says, "Having eaten, did you come?" but is used to express, "Did you eat before you came?"beforesfxWarajiną raji?Did you eat before you came? (Having eaten, did you come?)The idea of "before" here conveys the idea of "having" as in something done BEFORE something else.to besfxused tosfxprogressive aspectsfxBaje uminąwiną nyi xąnje rut'awi ke/ki.Sitting in a canoe, they crossed the river.unspec. comp. formIgragenamipast tense suffixverbProgressive AspectsfxbeingsfxFree Variant-reUsing this suffix can create a noun out of a verb or indicate that a preceding statement/phrase is to be taken as once unit. This latter use indicates that the statement is not yet complete and that there is more to come. Marsh notes, "It makes a nominal form out of a verb. It performs the function of indicating that the preceding element is to be taken as a unit (Our participles do this)."Compare-ta2did it andhe did it againeighteen at a time, or togethereleven together, or at a timethereforethis being the casebe somewhat likeresemble it a littlebeing made by someone elsehe/she did it and...deceivebaiteighteen at a time, or togethereleven together, or at a timego and get ithoneymoongo on a honeymoonvoyageFemale Who Usually Recognizes Her OwnFemale Who Dreams Regularlythushave thought previously that it was just as one sees him, her, or itbe as one sees someone or it, having thought it was sobe just as one thought and said - used after seeing the condition of affairssignsuddenlyas one pitied someonetwo togethertwo at a timewaterfallspillinghave thought it to be like thatneither...norWhat's the matter?investigatebleedthey deceived usthey baited us
ną ahunahⁿ AH-hootree limbnounlimbnoununspec. comp. form of3ahuunspec. comp. form ofa2hu1
ną aruch'eNAHⁿ ah-ROOCH'-ehcrossnoununspec. comp. form of3aruch'eunspec. comp. form ofa-1ruch'eContracted Variantnąruch'eNAHⁿ-rooch'-EHFree Variantnąruch'eNAHⁿ-rooch'-EH
ną aruch'ecross
ną exagrenahⁿ ay-XAH-graybranch when on the treenoununspec. comp. form of3exagrethe branch, if on the ground
ną exagre hąnganahⁿ ay-XAH-gray HAHⁿNG-ahthe branch, if on the groundnoununspec. comp. form ofną exagreunspec. comp. form of3exagrehąngaunspec. var. ofhąnge
ną gidadaNAHⁿ gee-DAH-dahwoodpeckernoununspec. comp. form of3gidadaunspec. comp. form ofgi-1
ną gigąnahⁿ gee-GAHⁿadze wood, to hew it with a broad axetransitive verbunspec. comp. form of3gigąunspec. comp. form ofgi-1
ną gigąadze wood, to hew it with a broad axe
ną gigragrųnjenahⁿ gee-GRAH-grooⁿn-jaycut one's wood off with an axtransitive verbunspec. comp. form of3gigragrųnjeunspec. comp. form ofgigra-gigrųnjeComparexami gigragrųnjeunspec. comp. form ofxamigigragrųnje
ną gigragrųnjecut one's wood off with an ax
ną giweðenahⁿ gee-WAY-ðaycut woodtransitive verbunspec. comp. form of3giweðeunspec. comp. form ofgi-1*weðe
ną giweðecut wood
ną hujenahⁿ HOO-jaytree stumpnoununspec. comp. formną huje iru'ąunspec. comp. form of3 1treehuje 1baseunspec. comp. form ofhu1
ną huje iru'ąnahⁿ HOO-jay ee-ROO'-ahⁿtree stump raised upfallen tree stumpnoununspec. comp. form ofną hujetree stumpunspec. comp. form of3 1huje 1iru'ąraised upunspec. comp. form ofi-1ru'ą
ną ibagrųnjeNAHⁿ ee-BAH-grooⁿn-jaysawnounsynną iwagrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3iwagrųnjehand sawnoununspec. comp. form of3i-1ba-grųnjeCompareną iwagrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3iwagrųnje
ną igagąnahⁿ ee-GEE-gahⁿadzenoununspec. comp. form of3i-1gigąunspec. comp. form ofgi-1
ną irawat'onahⁿ ee-RAH-waht'-ohbrace or prop, as for a wall or buildingnoununspec. comp. form of3irawat'oCompareawat'ounspec. comp. form ofwa-2irawat'o
Ną Irodąweminahⁿ EE-roh-DAHⁿ-way-meeFemale Who Examines Timberproper noununspec. comp. form of3irodąwe-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofmingeContracted VariantNirodąwemiNEE-roh-DAHⁿ-way-mee
ną iwagrųnjeNAHⁿ ee-WAH-grooⁿn-jaysawnounsynną ibagrųnje 1unspec. comp. form of3i-1ba-grųnjeunspec. comp. form of3iwagrųnjeunspec. comp. form ofi-1wagrųnjeContracted VariantnewagrųnjeNAY-wah-grooⁿn-jayCompareną ibagrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3i-1ba-grųnje
ną iwax'enahⁿ ee-WAHX'-ayraspnounfilenoununspec. comp. form of3i-1wax'eunspec. comp. form ofwa-2Contracted Variantnewax'eNAY-wahx'-ay
Ną Jijenahⁿ JEE-jayLighting on a Treeproper nounBird Lighting On a Treeproper nounBird Sitting On a Treeproper noununspec. comp. form of3 1treejije1unspec. comp. form ofjiCompareNą Jijemiunspec. comp. form of3 1jije1-mi 1
Ną Jijeminahⁿ JEE-jay-meenahⁿ jee-JAY-meeLighting on a Treeproper nounFemale Who Placed a Stick Uprightproper nounStick Placed Upright Femaleproper nounFemale Who Put Down a Pile of Woodproper noununspec. comp. form of3 1treejije1unspec. comp. form ofji-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofmingeCompareNą Jijeunspec. comp. form of3 1jije1
Ną Nuwenahⁿ NOO-wayTwo Woodproper noununspec. comp. form of3nuwe 1twoCompareNą Nuwemiunspec. comp. form of3nuwe 1-mi 1
Ną Nuweminahⁿ NOO-way-meeTwo Woodproper noununspec. comp. form of3nuwe 1two-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofmingeCompareNą Nuweunspec. comp. form of3nuwe 1
ną omįyenahⁿ oh-MEEⁿ-yehunspec. comp. form of3omįyefree variant ofumįyeunspec. comp. form of1oyąfree variant ofną umįyeunspec. comp. form of3umįye