Otoe-Missouria - English


obrą pishkunyeunspec. comp. form ofobrąfree variant ofubrąpi shkunyefree variant ofpi skunyifree variant ofubrą piskunyiunspec. comp. form ofubrąpi skunyi
obrą piskunyiunspec. comp. form ofobrąfree variant ofubrąpi skunyicomposed ofpi1-skunyifree variant ofubrą piskunyiunspec. comp. form ofubrąpi skunyi
Odasjimioh-DAH-sjee-meeLeft-Handed Femaleproper noun
ogeOH-gaydoornouncomplex form:chi'oge
ohajįunspec. comp. form ofha-1ojįfree variant ofujįfree variant ofuhajįunspec. comp. form ofha-1ujįFirst-Person Singular (I/me)ujį
okompepaintverbCompareukųmpicomposed ofpi1uwa1
ombredreamverbSecond-Person Plural Conjugationira ombreee-RAH OHM-brayThis term is uncertain. Thwaites has "ira-ombrá" translated as "you dreamed (plural)." Perhaps his "ira" is an attempt at "ri'e" (you) or "rire" (you are).
omeridaoh-MEH-ree-dahunspec. comp. form ofomerifree variant ofumeri-da1contracted variant ofidafree variant ofumeridaunspec. comp. form ofumeri-da1
omįyeoh-MEEⁿ-yehblanket - sleep inunspec. comp. form of1oyąfree variant ofuyąfree variant ofumįyeunspec. comp. form of1uyą
orath'įoh-RAHTH'-eeⁿconnected withverbconnected toverbhooked up toverbplugged inverbplugged intoverblinked togetherverbcoupled togetherverbDorsey describes this term as, "in connection with, as a lariat around the neck of a pony, a saddle on the horse, a key in the lock; said also of fruit hanging from a tree or bush; or if a tree, etc. bear blossoms, fruit, etc." Using this definition, various English expressions have been added here to reflect these ideas.Fish With an ArrowFish With an Arrow Sticking To ItHomerathafruitwhat a tree bearsfruitwhat a tree bears
oru'eoh-ROO'-ehunspec. comp. form ofru-free variant ofuru'eunspec. comp. form ofru-
orutąoh-ROO-tahⁿdrive in, as a nail, on somethingverbfasten one object on another by means of nails, pins, spikes, etc.verbtent pintent pinshorseshoe nails
osniunspec. comp. form ofo-free variant ofu-archaic variantuthrįcomposed ofu-thrį
Othra Thkamioh-THRAH THKAH-meeWhite Blossomproper noununspec. comp. form ofothrafree variant ofoxrathkafree variant ofxga-mi 3feminine name indicatorcontracted variant ofminge
owąseshadenounshadownounCompareirowąnðefree variant ofiro'ąnðe
owaxageoh-WAH-xah-gayunspec. comp. form ofo-free variant ofu-waxageunspec. comp. form ofwa-2xage1free variant ofuwaxageunspec. comp. form ofu-waxage
oxraoh-XRAHflowernounblossomnounFree Variantothrauxraoo-XRAHComparexamoxraunspec. comp. form ofxamioxracorn tasselThin Corn Femaleflowerflowersfragrant herb
Oxra Thkamioh-XRAH THKAH-meeThin Corn Femaleproper noununspec. comp. form ofoxrathkafree variant ofxga-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofminge
oyąnchioh-YAHⁿNcheeunspec. comp. form ofoyąfree variant ofuyąchifree variant ofuyąnchiunspec. comp. form ofuyąchi