Otoe-Missouria - English


s-youtransitive verbSubject Pronoun Prefix part 2pfxunspec. comp. formasguasguwiise'aswashiswashiwixąnsdageyou seeyou-all seeyou-all are (while in a sitting position)you-all were (while in a sitting position)you-all are (sitting)you-all are (while moving)you-all were (while moving)you-all are (sitting)you-all are (while in a lying position)you-all were (while in a lying position)you-all are (lying down)you-all are (recumbant)you decideyou are (while in a standing position)you were (while in a standing position)you forgive (him/her/it)you-all forgive (him/her/it)you batheyou reach a standing positionyou-all reach a standing positionyou areyou-all areyou are (while in a sitting position)you were (while in a sitting position)you are (while moving)you were (while moving)you are (sitting)you are (while in a lying position)you were (while in a lying position)you are (recumbant)you bow your head as in prayeryou forgive themyou-all forgive themyou forgive usyou-all forgive us
s'age wexas'AH-gay WAY-xahvery oldadjective-verboldestadjective-verb
s'es'es'EHS'-ehdropdripCompareex'ex'eunspec. comp. form ofex'e
s'oges'OH-gaycallous, as any hard place on which the skin has formed by a burn or otherwiseadjective-verbknotty, as wood that cannot be splitadjective-verbthe prominent part of the back of the headbite and raise a lump - said of persons and horsesunevenhillylumpybumpyrough (pocked, pimply)rough (road)pockedpimplypunch at and raise a lump onmake a sore or lump on a horse's back, by sitting on them a long time
s'os'oges'OH-s'oh-gayunevenadjective-verbhillyadjective-verblumpyadjective-verbbumpyadjective-verbrough (pocked, pimply)adjective-verbsynpopoge 6unspec. comp. form ofpogex'ox'o 9unspec. comp. form ofx'orough (road)adjective-verbpockedadjective-verbsynpopoge 7unspec. comp. form ofpogex'ox'o 6unspec. comp. form ofx'opimplyadjective-verbsynpopoge 8unspec. comp. form ofpogex'ox'o 5unspec. comp. form ofx'ounspec. comp. form ofs'oge
sage1SAH-gaynailnounThe idea behind this term is "fingernail" rather than a metal nail used for construction.fingernailnounclawnoununspec. comp. formSage PahįhoofnounhardverbFree VariantshageComparethakebear claw necklacefingernailnail (on the hands)fingernailnail (on fingers)press outexpress?stormthunder-stormstormtornadohurricanetoenailtoenailnail (on the feet)toetoenail
Sage PahįSAH-gay PAH-heeⁿSharp Clawsproper noununspec. comp. form ofsage1 3clawpahį1 1sharp
sage unąngepress outverbunspec. comp. form ofsage1unąnge1Free Variantsage onąngeComparebrixe unąngeunspec. comp. form ofbrixeunąnge1
sagweSAH-gwaysixFree VariantshagweSHAH-gwaythagweTHAH-gwaysixteensixtysixth timesix in each placesix timessixfoldsix at a timesix togethersix to eachsixthsixth
sagwe wamąhąSAH-gway wah-MAHⁿ-nahⁿsix in each placeunspec. comp. form ofsagwewamąhą
sagwe wamąhąsix in each place
sagwehąSAH-gway-hahⁿsix timesunspec. comp. form ofsagwe-hąFree VariantshagwehaSHAH-gway-hah
sagwehąsix times
sagwekihąSAH-gway-KEE-hahⁿsixfoldunspec. comp. form ofsagweekihą
sagwenąSAH-gway-nahⁿsix at a timesix togetherunspec. comp. form ofsagwe
sagweną 1six at a time
sagweną 2six together
sagwenąnąSAH-gway-NAHⁿ-nahⁿsix to eachunspec. comp. form ofsagweinąną
sagwenąnąsix to each
SąhąSAHⁿ-hahⁿSiouxproper nounDakotasproper nounFree VariantShąhąSHAHⁿ-hahⁿ
Sąhą 2Dakotas
SahiSAH-heeCheyenneproper noun
sahmaSAH-hmahsevenadjective-verbArchaic VariantsaxemąFree VariantshahmaSHAH-hmahseventeenseventyseventh timeseven in each placeseven timessevenfoldseven at a timeseven togetherseven to eachseventhseventh
sahma wamąhąSAH-hmah wah-MAHⁿ-hahⁿseven in each placeunspec. comp. form ofsahmawamąhą
sahma wamąhąseven in each place
sahmahąSAH-hmah-hahⁿseven timesunspec. comp. form ofsahma-hąFree VariantshahmahąSHAH-hmah-hahⁿ
sahmahąseven times
sahmahą kigresix times in succession
sahmakihąSAH-hmah-KEE-hahⁿsevenfoldunspec. comp. form ofsahmaekihą
sahmanąSAH-hmah-nahⁿseven at a timeseven togetherunspec. comp. form ofsahma
sahmaną 1seven at a time
sahmaną 2seven together
sahmanąnąSAH-hmah-NAHⁿ-nahⁿseven to eachunspec. comp. form ofsahmainąną
sahmanąnąseven to each
SanganashEnglishmanproper nounThe "Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 13 (Plains)" notes on page 109 that "Sanganasch" (using Maximilian's spelling) is "ultimately from older French (le)s anglois 'the English'." While this is possible, it does seem unlikely given the radical difference between Sanganash and les anglois. Another possibility could be "sale ganache" which could be translated as idiot, stupid, without talent, dishonest, detestable, or ugly face. Since there is no "L" (as in lost) in Jiwere, it may have been dropped with the final result being Sanganash.CompareRagrashe