Otoe-Missouria - English


wa1wahinterjection, expressing surprise or disappointmentinterjis it possible!interjpsha!interjwhy!interjThis term is an interjection. It does not ask "why."said of a son who died with his back to the foeinterjDorsey notes that this term is "used by males."Comparechachą
wa1 1interjection, expressing surprise or disappointment
wa1 1interjection, expressing surprise or disappointment
wa1 2is it possible!
wa1 3psha!
wa1 4why!
wa1 5said of a son who died with his back to the foe
wa2wahhumannavelumbilical cordumbilicustwin
wa-1wahthempfxInų ware gare.Go with them.Watogre ra re.Go with them.unspec. comp. formWąngegihi Wa'ųmiwe'i1severalpfxMųnje waata ke.I saw several bears.This is a vague "several" in regards to "them." It does not literally mean "several."somethingverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxunspec. comp. formmąhį wirujewi-2anybodyverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxitverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxthingverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxindefinite object prefixverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxdetransitivizerverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxWhat this means is that "wa-" can take a transitive verb and turn it into an intransitive verb. Since the root form of transitive verbs in Otoe-Missouria have the understood "he/she/it" as the object, adding "wa-" to indicate "something" or a general "it" acts as a sort of "whoever/whatever." For example, the verb "ruje" means "he/she/it eats it" but adding "wa-" to make it "waruje" means eating in general or "eat whatever."unspec. comp. formWach'ehi Manyiwoy'ingeintransitivizerverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxvalence reducerverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxA good explanation of valence reduction starts on page 45 of "Osage Grammar" by Carolyn Quintero.a sign of the subject of an actionverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxone whoverbsomething, detransitivizerpfxThird-Person Singular to Third-Person PluralwograshigeWOH-grah-shee-gayThis particular suffix "wa-" roughly covers the English ideas of something, it, them, etc. When expressing the idea of "something", it is often not translated but instead serves to either turn a verb into a noun (wa- + ruje (eat it) = waruje (food)) or it takes a transitive verb and makes it intransitive (detransitivizer/valence reducer). For example, ruje = eat it; waruje = eat.throw it on themgive, as a disease, to themwalk over a road in the footsteps of those who have gone on some time beforecarry any curvilinear object, etc., on top of a pack for others or at the request of the ownerscarry for others any upright object on top of a packone who dwells in a lodge not their owngather (as children)tell them thathe said to themsay as follows to or about them as in reproving them, or in speaking for or against themleave them undisturbed (animate objects)clothes brush or wispnewborn babywe (2) forgive themwe (3+) forgive themFemale Who Is Coming With Themkiss one's relationssight on a gun barrel, next to the muzzleshoveliron boilerbig iron boilerpepperGiving While WalkingFemale Who Gave Away Presents As She Walkedfarmerland partitioningallotmentdragging polestravois polescross a stream in a canoe and carry others across (one's own)ferry others (one's own) over a streaminkwater used for writingmake unsteady by biting or shaking with the mouthshake another's decision or make them faint-hearted, by talking to themcall by nameunsettlemake unsteady by pullingFollowing Tracksbreadlight breadwheatwheat breadflourworkworkwork, in generaldo different kinds of workhurt another by accident or mistakeinjure or hurt one, no relation, by accident or mistakesindo wrongsin, do wrong, but not deliberatelyI forgive themI eat (in general)I eat themI have themI brought themI saw themI saw (several)give one's property at the death of a relationshoot down all the persons or animals attackedexterminate themmurdererGoing KillingFemale Who Murdershe/she/it sees themseestarewhite breadlight breadShriveled By HeatbileThis is nyi ði or nyi to, "yellow or blue water," and is bitter. When it is small, the doctors remove it from the patient by swallowing it, as they pretend, which act they call waði ruðe. The waði is sometimes vomited up.gathercorncorn on the cobmaizemake something for them (said of what is new)repair something for themmake something to give to themservemake war against themdistribute among them, as horsesdivide one's own horses, etc., between themteach a person several thingscarry other persons' property for them, its shape not being specifiedtread on their property for (or against) themtread on their property at their requestkeep any thing for otherskeep their property for them, as at their requestcover or conceal something for otherscover their property for them, at their requestdesire what belongs to otherscovet some of their propertytake, receive, or accept, as ponies, for another persontake from themrule, judge, or govern for themdecide for themforgive themthey (indefinite) forgive themspeak againstask forcall to them (animate objects)drive animals for other personswrite to or for themsweep or dust for them with a broom or brush (by pushing motion, not by striking)cancel or forgive a debt for othersgo for the persons or animals, not one's owncome with the persons or animals, not one's ownteachteacherteacher (male)missionaryclassFemale Who CommandsFemale Who Commandspick upgatherspeak saucily to themforce them to do it by insisting on itdresscarry several things on the backpacksomething carried on the backbundleloadpound corn in a mortar for oneselfcontend against themcontend with themmake roommakes roomgive placegives placeThe ShooterGood Marksmanpoorvery poorpitiablewretchedmiserableHe Who Jumps On the Man He Is About to KillHe Who Puts His Foot Down On an Object to Prevent Its Escapekickkicking aroundencloseshut uptake from themhearkick down objects on them (animate objects)stand by otherstread on othersChief Makerhave themhave or keep them (animate objects)He Sits Keeping Itlionlearn thingswe (2) learnyou forgive themyou-all forgive themparagraphcall by namespeak incorrectly, as from inability or from ignoranceyou see themcountnumberfewgrindgrindingsomething to grindground cornsomething to breakwish to make or own objects similar to those made by otherssee what others have received, and to covet or desire similar gifts from the donorscovet some of their propertyclean themcleandrawingscold, chide, reprove, or rebuke themchide, rebuke, reprove, or scold themscolddrainspillfrybakecookcook somethingpiecakecook (male)baker (male)cook (female)baker (female)smellodorstenchprayworshipworshipsaskasksask a favorentreatrequest somethingpapertake or receive them (animate objects)cover them (animate objects) with blankets, robes, or shawlsbendbend themmess upget out of ordertableeat onfoodeateat, in generaleat different things togethereat somethingmealfeastchewbuybuy them (animate objects)tradetrade (in general)tradersellopenbundlebundlelay hands onput the hands on for evilmedicine bundlebundlesacred bundlewar bundlegropefeel aroundmarry (of a woman)marrytake a husbandOtoewashwash laundrywash clothesshake upKneeling to Themgutsinsidesgamewhat remains, as of an ear of corn, after pushing off some of the grainswhat remains of ice after it breaks up in the rivermedicine manmedicine menIndian doctordoctorconjurorRaw EaterHe Who Eats RawMelonThat is Eaten RawfruitcerealoatmealdessertHe Who Is Coming With ThemComing Along with ThemFemale Who Was With ThemShe Goes With Themdrive them, as horses or a herd of cattledrive them (many animals)sewsewingbooklettersomething writtenwritewritingwrite somethingget creditgive the alarm of the approaching foe, by waving a blanketroll, as a wheelbarrow, over themshell corn by pushing off the grains with a small stickput a piece of meat on a spit before a fire, in order to roast itofficialwashboardburybury a bodysacredsacred thingholymysteriousmysterious medicinehonor or respect themscaredcarriondead animalpoorlie on them (animate objects)lie on somethinglancesword-lancespearprickstingmusiccelebrate the calumet dancecelebrate the pipe danceperform all the ceremonies connected with the calumet or pipe dancebirdfowltell or command his relations or friends to do anythinggo away and leave them (one's own)cover or conceal one's relations, friends, or livestockgo or come for one's own property, when two or more animate objects are meantgo or come for them, one's own friends, kindred, horses, etc.dispute with them, one's kinsmenwatch over them, one's own relation, animals, etc.stand by one's own friends or relationsdefend themstand by them, one's relations, friends or livestock, to defend or protect themleftovershave or keep them, one's own horses, etc.speak evil or complain about one's relations or friendsspeak evil or complain about one's own relations or friendshonor or respect one's own parents, relations, or friendsforgetwash them (animate objects), one's own sheep, children, etc.sacred storylegendstorystoriesbedtime talessleepman talesdiscusstell a storytell storiesswap yarnsprophesyattack the foe, chasing them and forcing them to abandon their property to the pursuersforce them to abandon their property by attacking them, chasing them off, etc.knock them down by strikingkill them by striking themstun or kill them by blows, etc.know the ways, habits, thoughts, etc., of otherssay to them something good or bad about others - used in replies, when a strong assertion is madeused in a good sense, as well as in a bad one, and expressing a strong assertion in a replyHe Who Talked For Themobject to their doing somethingprohibit themdeny to or withhold from them (without the idea of scolding)Like ThemHe is Like ThemAs Good As AnybodyFemale Who Is Like ThemOne As Good As Anybodyfine one's own ponies, etc., on hunting for themrulertape measuremilemeasurerulebushel (when applied to agricultural products)any measuring instrumentstringpack stringstrapcord, etc., by means of which a pack is fastened to the backbridlelariatreinslong thongsaid of whatever causes pride, as fine clothing, ornaments, etc.that which makes one proud - fine clothing, etc.said of whatever causes pride, as fine clothing, ornaments, etc.find them by accident, as ponies, etc., which one had not lostfind ponies, etc., that one had not been searching foralongside ofalongside of themsuspect themthink of themstringtiefind them, the animals or people for whom search has been madefind them purposefullypanashamedbashfulshamedashamedpay for damagescounselgive them good advicecouncil membersomething to strike withinstrument used for hittingwar-club (with the iron point)hit them with it (used after the name of the weapon)check them by scolding, put a stop to, forbid or oppose themsievesign postgourd rattlequestionmake unsteady by weight or pressureforkspeargardendifficulthard timedifficultyhit or strike for othersstrike their property for themmake them get out of the waymake them flee, abandoning their land or property to the pursuerstell something to personstell something for personstell persons something about their relations or propertydiseasedish outservegive something to one's own relations or childrenheaddresshatschoolschoolhousecookboilto cook, boil thingsdarknesswinwin somethinggain or win from themconquer them (animate objects)hit themStanding One Who StrikesBig StrikeTo Use or Strike With a Whipgiftgivegive, in generalgive to themspeak or talk with thempay a friendly visit to another tribethat which makes one greatglorytamequietgentlemildmild, gentle, as an animal. Not used of personsshirtblouseclothesclothinggarmentcoatclosetplace to store thingsput away a standing object in a box, etc.pocket in hunting shirt, coat, or vest (garments on the body)pocket in a hunting shirt, vest, or in any upper body garment, but not in pantsclosetreceptaclenewsstorylegendtelltell a storytell about somethingtell newstell, relate, declare, or publish, as newsspakecomplain of them, who are not one's relationsalligatorcrocodilesucker-insucks them init sucks them inmillgrist millovenpiecakesurround themfeedfeed (for animals)storebe out of patience with them, no relationstired of or disgusted with themstand on the (level) ground, and look around in search of game, foes, etc.washtubhelpsomething madedrawing or picturepiece of carved work or statuarypull open a box, barrel, bundle, etc.take up food again from a canoerob the holes of the gound mice of the beans which they containgo after themfollow themgatheringfestivitydoingspowwowencampmentdanceagreeablepleasantfillpocketcontainerjoin themfollow themin company
wa-2wahby means of a motion with the hand away from the bodyverbInstrumental, By Means Of 1pfxby means of pushing with the handverbInstrumental, By Means Of 1pfxcomplex form:wagaxea verbal prefix, usually denoting an action performed by pushing, punching, thrusting, or poundingverbInstrumental, By Means Of 1pfxsometimes the effect of eating or the condition of the stomachverbInstrumental, By Means Of 1pfxmake a motion at a personbrace or prop any object that is liable to fallmake an object slide on something else by pushing or shoving it with the hand or stickmash, step on, push downsqueeze out, mash, push downpress ithold uppush against an object that is on anythingbear upon with the handpinchsmear onput on, stick something on, spread onMouth Torn By Punching Femalemake a surface smooth, as a beaver does a hole, by passing through it and rubbing against itdeface a book, etc., by rubbing it with the handsbreak up, as ice on a riverperforation of the septum of the noselift up, as a heavy log, by pushing a crowbar under it and bearing upwardspush or punch against two objects, and make them stick togetherplow or shovel the side of a hill in making a road along itpush a plank, making it tip up on one side, not on the endscatter right and left, by pushing with a fork or shovel, as wet wheat or hay after a rain, in order to let it drysucceed in pushing, punching, thrusting, writing, etc.make a person laugh by punching, or pushing at themmix, as different kinds of corn or wheat by stirring with a stickpull open a little, or to push to a little, as a doorpush and set upright, with the edge of the board, etc., toward onetear garments, or the flesh of a person by pushing or punching with a stickmake the skins of the mink, muskrat, and otter, "brashge" by pushing crooked sticks into themsaid of a person who has eaten to repletion, and whose stomach is distendedmake flat by punching, ramming, planing, filing, etc., said of wood (or metal) that is knotty or uneven in shapeflattenroll up large, as a paper, napkin, blanket, etc.make wood thin by planing, or a plow share by filingbruise fine or crush to powder by pushing or punching atroot up the ground, as hogs dospringing upplow up the soil (by pushing the plow) or to shovel it up, and make it "brup'e" by mixing it with manurebrush off dry, as when water is spilt on a floorrub dry with the handrub or wipe dry with the handpush firmly against a board, etc.dull tools or metal by punching, thrusting, etc.thrust a stick into mud holes containing water, which flies out with a "swish"rub a knife, gun, etc., until it is polished or renewedrub a knife, gun, etc., and polish it, making it new againpart or separate the grass or undergrowth, in pushing one's way throughcause grass, etc., to wither by punching at it - said also when hogs root up the ground, causing vegetation to witherpunch a fire that does not burn, making it blaze and burnstab and make furious with painmake furious or crazy with pain by punching, or stabbingpush at an object, and run a splinter into the fleshpush and run a splinter in the fleshpush, punch, or thrust a long time, and make hotsaid of the bowels, when out of order, they make one hotfile metal until it is polished and glitteringhit with the end of a pencil downward on wood, and make it soundmake the sound heard when wood is hit with the end of a pencil, etc.blister the hands from punching, plowing, or sawingpunch the coals of a firestretch the hides of minks, muskrats, and otters, by pushing sticks into thempunch a hole in the very edge of an objectpunch, as a hollow place on the ground, making a hollow soundpunch the boards of a floor, making a hollow soundmake a hollow or drumming sound by punching, as a hollow place on the ground or the boards of a floorpound and make fine, as corn, dried buffalo meat, pepper, etc.make a stick or plank pointed at one end by sawing or planingsaw or plane, and make a stick or plank sharp-pointed at one endpierce a sore, and let the water outfire a pop gunbreak by punching a holepunch a holebreak a long object by pushingbreak by pushingbreak or fracture a bone, wood, metal, etc., by punching, but without breaking entirely in twobreak or fracture wood, metal, or bone, by punching or thrusting atsewpush against an objectpinchbend forward by pushing or punching, as a point of a knifepush a door or plank and make it soundpush or punch a hard buffalo hide and make it give a dull soundplane or file away, making the wood or metal short or blunt at the endwrite line after line, as in a copy bookmake striped by writing, etc.write somethingthrust at ice and make a hole in it for horses to get to the water for drinkthrust at ice in order to make a hole in it for horses, etc., to drinksawsaw off a big log shortpush offpunch offpunch at wood and break or fracture itbreak off, as a stick, by punching itrub or scrape off by means of pushingplane wood till it is curved "guye," not "rotą"showstretch outpresentpresent to viewpush forward that one may seeshow an objectpresent it to viewscare a bird, animal, etc., out of its retreatscare off an animal, even when it is on the open prairieapproach a beast, bird, etc., making it leave its retreatscare a person or animalscare or frighten a person or animalpush, punch, or thrust against, but not with force sufficient to wound or killpiercestab an animal or person, making them roarmake an animal roar or cry out by pushing or stabbing itplay a fiddlemove an object by pushingpush and shake oncemove an object by pushing against itpush against, as a tree, once, and make it shake slowlybrush off littersweep or dust with a broompush away, as snow, with a shovelpush away, as the buffalo do the snowwipewipe drydraw a line over writing or the record of a debtwipe out or cancel a debtforgive a debt or injuryturn a person slightly aside by pushing thempush a person and turn them a littlepush and scratch the flesh, the ground, or a board with the fingernail, a stick, nail, knife, etc.saw a board across the grainscrape off mud from clothing by pushingscrape off the hair from a deer skin by pushingwipe, as dishesbrush, rub off, cleansebrush, rub off, or cleansebrush by scraping rather than by hittingshake off or brush off, as powder or dust from cloth or clothingseparate by pushing or punchingseparate two pieces of wood or metal that have been adhering together, by pushing between themturn the edge of any sharp tool, by punching or thrusting it against something hardpunch at and make a drumming soundpush or punch at and force downwarddepress a gun or bow and aim lowpush up high, as wood or metalpush a wheelbarrowuse up sinew or thread in sewingplane wood too small for the purpose intendedfile metal too smallpunch, into slivers or shreds, as a ropeswollendistendedpuffed upinflatedpunch with a sharp-pointed stick, or to write with a pencil, until its point becomes worn down bluntthrust at the ground, and make it soundstab a person or animal, running the knife to the hilt, making a thudmake the ground give out a deadened sound by thrusting at itpush, as a stick, against something, bending it a littlebend, as a bowbend a stick, etc., very far by pushingscrape or plane wood straightfile metal straightpush or thrust against a barrel, forcing it over and spilling the contentspunch at and raise a lump onpush and rub long hair off a hidepunch at a living animal, and carry away the hair, without piercing the fleshpush or brush litter, etc., into a round heapstop writing, pushing, punching, etc.pushpush away (with a pole)thrust a stick at an object, and pick it uppush forward with a stick, shovel, etc.pull towards one, by putting the stick beyond the objectpush on an object, and miss doing what was intendedpush an object and miss doing what was intendedthrust at a foe and miss them, because of their dodgingthrust at an enemy and miss them, because of their dodging the blowspear at any thing, and miss hitting itpush or brush litter, etc., into a round heapsaw wood round, until it is like a ballpolish somethingshinepush or shove off, as a coatpush down, and pry up, as a rootpull up, as ducks do grass roots in the watermake warm by pushingpolishshinedig into a hole or den, and thrust at something soft, as in hunting porcupinesmake a tree, fence post, etc., lean by pushing or punching at itbreak up, as a box, by punching it with a stickmake one move by pushing - said of one who has been long silent or inattentivemake a small trench on the ground by punching with a stickpierce the foot with an awl or needle to get out a splinteropen, as a wound, by pushing and scraping against itpound clothing, as in washingcut a notch with a sawpound clothing, as in washingcut a notch with a sawmake a small hollow or groove in wood by punching, sawing, boring, etc.make a small hollow in wood, by punching, sawing, boring, etc.shell off grains of corn from a cob by pushing with the hand or a stickshell off grains of corn from the cob by pushingfail in pushing, punching, thrusting, etc.describes the sound made by thrusting a stick into waterdraw a line over writing or the record of a debtwipe out a debtforgive a debt or injurywrite letters in a slanting directionpush an object out of linesoil or deface by writing on or punching atmake full of holes by punching - said of wood, metal, paper, clothing, persons, animals, etc.make an object full of holes by punching - said of metal, wood, paper, clothing, persons, etc.make full of holes by punching - said of wood, metal, paper, clothing, persons, animals, etc.make an object full of holes by punching - said of metal, wood, paper, clothing, persons, etc.open a box by prying up the nails, and pushing off the topopen, as a fruit canpush open a doorpush and turn bottom upwardspush a vessel, cup, box, etc., causing the contents to be spilt out - said of water, corn, seed wheat, etc.make soft or pliant by punchingpunch or push softly at, or at any soft objectraise a dust in sweeping, by pushing the litterrub redpunch or saw off a piecemake short by pushingplane or file shortsew shortpush a stick down into water to feel the depthpush a stick into a den to feel an animalrollpush, punch, or thrust at a person, and make them jumppunch at an object under the surface of the ground or water, and make it appearpush or rub off in order to make invisiblemake disappear, or to obliterate by pushing, rubbing, or punchingpush, plane, etc., saying nothing to anyone, being utterly unconcernedthis expresses the mood or disposition of the actor - plane, file, saw, push, etc., saying nothing to anybody, unconcerned, paying attention to no onestraighten out, as the arm when bent at the elbowiron clothingkill by stabbing or punchingmake a lean horse active by filling him with food till his strength returnsfill a lean horse with food, and make them thamige, active, swiftshake, as a bush, by pushing against it - this denotes rapid shakingmake a boat, chair, or other movable object lean by pushing against itmake corn rattle by pushing it into the bagin former days when the women wished to put more corn in a bag, and pushed it in, the sound made by the corn was wathax'epunch at a bladder that is inflated, until all the air is forced out, and the bladder becomes flatbrush the hair and make it lie downcombpush through tall grass and make it leanextinguish, as a firebrand, by pushing it into ashes, ground, or waterpunch at and make blackpush a horn spoon, knife, or stick into butter, lard, etc., and take out a piecepush a knife, spoon, or stick into butter, lard, etc., and take out a piecescrape a deerskin by pushing, as when one is tanningplane woodmake a groove all around a curvilinear surface, as around the leg of a chair or bedsteadmake a groove in a curvilinear surface, all round, as on the headboard of a bedsteadpush, punch, or saw on, and leave the mark, but not to saw through or punch a hole throughshell off, as corn, by pushing off the grains with a small stickiron clothinggashedslit the skin by pushing the hand against a splinterslit the skin by pushing a stick against the handmake the skins of minks, muskrats, and otters long by pushing sticks into themthrust a stick into mudpush up a windowpush a plank or chair alongpush sticks into skins of minks, muskrats, and otters, making them elliptical or "throka"push a stick through a piece of beef, and hold it before a fire to roastspitroastpush the grains off the ear of corn with a small, sharp piece of metalpush off the grains of an ear of soft corn, with a small, sharp piece of metal, forcing out some of the milkcleanse out a gun barrel with a stickbrush a floor cleanpunch another person with the finger, or with a stick, or to jog them with the elbow, in order to attract their attentionmake small by filingwear clothing in holes by planing, punching, etc.scrape a skin until it is in holesbend a stick, etc., very far by pushingbend a stick, etc., very much by pushingroll, as a wheelbarrow, over thempush and shove downshove down by pushing - said of an object that extends to the ground or flooropposeoffend againstmake an animal angry by pushing or punching at themshell corn by pushing off the grains with a small stickwrite a fine handsew finemake someone poor by pushing the pipe towards them - This refers to the pipe dance, in which a person who has the pipe held towards them by the dancers, makes presents to them in return. If Wakąnda did not help the person, and cause their friends to give them presents to make up for what they gave the dancers, they use this expression.make loose or unsteady by pushing, as the edge of a river banksweep out wheat or water from a floorsaid of one or more persons, riding, or walking, when they make a sudden turn or go around in a circledraw or write straightwrite again and get correctstraighten by pushingpunch at wood, and punch off piece after piececause to swell by thrusting or punching atpush a person and make them move, said of one who has said nothing for a long time, or who does not hear what is spokenmake one move by pushing: said of one who has been long silent or inattentivemake a notch in by punching or pushingmake a notch in an object by pushing or punchingmake the sound of a file in filingpush a stick, etc., against some hard substance which it cannot penetrate, and from which it glances offfilegrate, as a nutmeggrate foodpush an axe on a motionless grindstonesharpensharpen a scythe by pushing the hone or rasp first along one side, then along the othermake a mark or notch by cutting with a knife or sawmake a mark or notch with a knife or sawmake a groove on a flat surface by punchingmake a groove in a flat surface by punching or pushingpunch back and forth over the flesh, as when one itchesbruise under the skin without breaking the skin, as when one punches at a person or animalwalk under and through thick bushes or thicketswalk under and through tall grass by pushing it aside on either handpush off with a stick, as a blanket lying on somethingpush off, as a blanket lying on something, with a stickbare, as the arm, by pushing up the sleevemake a fold in an object by pushing against itroot up the ground, as hogs do, by pushing it and uncovering the roots, etc., which they seek for foodpush the fingers through the hair, and make it stand up or bristle upmake rigid, as an umbrella, by raising itstiffen, as a dead animal, with its limbs stretched outthrust at a child and make them crystick a splinter in a person and make them crycause the hair, etc., to bristle up, by running the fingers through itmake rigid, as an umbrella, by raising itstiffen, or become rigid, as a dead animal, with its legs stretched outpush sticks into the skins of the muskrat, mink, and otter, so as to make them largerenlarge or stretch the skins of muskrats, minks, and otters by pushing sticks into thempush off the skin of an animal with the hands, not with any instrument, after pushing a knife along the skin to slit itthrust a stick under something light, and lift up one end to hunt for or see somethingpush open, as a door, with the handpush open with the hand, as a tent door (only aboriginal use)throw down the bed clothingpush off a blanket, etc., with a stickshovel dirt out of a holepush a stick into sand after tortoise eggsawaken one by pushing themoppose or contend, said of two contending parties who are not fightingshiver any brittle object by punchingshiver any brittle object by punching itrub and make gray, as a hide in dressing itmake gry by rubbing, as a hide, when one is dressing itmake the sound heard in tearing calico, scraping wood by pushing, or using a sawmake the sound heard in tearing calico, scraping wood by pushing, or in using a sawbreak or punch a hole in, as in a kettle, the skull, or a horse's hoof - refers to hollow metallic objects, pottery, etc.break or punch a hole in, as a kettle or stove, a horse's hoof, a skull, pottery, etc.rush madly into an impassable thicket or fencepush, punch, or thrust at a person and make them crymake spotted or stripped - this is said of whatever is printed in black stripesmake spotted or striped - it also refers to whatever is painted in black stripesget a splinter under the skin, and cause the matter to ooze out by treading on - said of a horse's footget a splinter under the skin, causing pus to ooze out by treading on the place - said of a horse's footpush or thrust at a dog or wolf, making it snarlmash by punching, as potatoes, fruit, or butterpunch a fire and make it send up sparkspierce a hole in, as in the ears, moccasins, or in both ends of meat which is to be carried on each side of a pony, and fastened with a cordpinch up the flesh, and punch horizontally, not down deeppierce clothing, hides, the flesh, or flat metals, with a stick, point of a knife, scissors, or pitchforkcast of its skin, as a snake doespush off the hard dry crust of a soreflesh the hide of an elk, deer, ox, or buffalopush off the skin of a personpunch out the contentsempty by punchingpourpour outpours outpoured it outsacrificesacrifice itspillpush a cup, box, etc., containing water, corn, seed wheat, earth, etc., and spill the contentspush a vessel, cup, box, etc., causing the contents to be spilt out - said of water, corn, seed wheat, etc.push or punch off an object high above someone, as in a tree, upper story of a house, or on a wall near the ceilingrock a child to sleep by pushing the cradle or boardpush in a piece of wood between the edges of a split end of a wagon tongue, making them forkedmake a small hole or split larger by pushing or punching at itenlarge a small hole or split by pushing or punchingpunch at an animal, and cause it to start up
wa-2 3a verbal prefix, usually denoting an action performed by pushing, punching, thrusting, or pounding
wa-3wahThe term "wawa-" to indicate "us" or "we" acts like two parts in certain conjugations. This part is the first syllable and always goes out front of the verb.
wa-4wahThe term "wawa-" to indicate "us" or "we" acts like two parts in certain conjugations. This is the second syllable and goes after the prefixes a-, i-, and u-.
-wa1wahthemverbCausative Objectsfxunspec. comp. form-waha-wahi-wahinye-wara-warawi
wahⁿcallverbunspec. comp. formWą Jigremicallsverbcall (out)verbcall or halloo (once)verbcall to a personcall
4call or halloo (once)
wa guwah GOOcome awayverbunspec. comp. form ofiwa
wa gucome away
Wą JigremiWAHⁿ jee-GRAY-meeFemale Who Called Suddenlyproper noununspec. comp. form of1calljigre 3suddenlyunspec. comp. form ofjigre1Dorsey lists this name as meaning unknown in one of his lists but translates it as "Female Who Called Suddenly" in another list.
wa rewah-RAYgo fromverbunspec. comp. formga'ida warego toverbunspec. comp. form ofiware2 1gotake anything to the place where you are or will be, for the purpose of giving it to someone there, not a relationgo that way, or thithergo that way, or thithergo to the place where you are or will be, for persons not one's kindred, or for animals not one's owngo hence to the place where you are or will be, for one's kindred, horses, etc.take one's horses, etc., hence to the place where you are or will be
wa'ąwah'-AHⁿlift up, as a heavy log, by pushing a crowbar under it and bearing upwardstransitive verbantwi'ą 1unspec. comp. form ofwi-1*'ąunspec. comp. form ofwa-2*'ąCompareną'ąunspec. comp. form ofną-*'ąru'ąunspec. comp. form ofru-*'ą
wa'ąlift up, as a heavy log, by pushing a crowbar under it and bearing upwards
wą'awahⁿ'-AHold mannoununspec. comp. form ofwąnge1'agefree variant ofs'agefree variant ofy'agefree variant ofwąns'acomposed ofwąnge1s'age
wa'akiwatagewah'-AH-kee-wah-tah-gaypush or punch against two objects, and make them stick togethertransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-2akiwatageComparera'akiwatageunspec. comp. form ofra-2akiwatagewi'akiwatageunspec. comp. form ofwi-1akiwatage
wa'akiwatagepush or punch against two objects, and make them stick together
wa'arax'ax'awewah'-AH-rahx'-ahx'-ah-wayplow or shovel the side of a hill in making a road along ittransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-2arax'ax'awe
wa'arax'ax'aweplow or shovel the side of a hill in making a road along it
wa'aruchewah'-AH-roo-chaypush a plank, making it tip up on one side, not on the endtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-2Dorsey notes that this term "Differs from wathanyige."
wa'aruchepush a plank, making it tip up on one side, not on the end
wa'ewah'-AYscatter right and left, by pushing with a fork or shovel, as wet wheat or hay after a rain, in order to let it drytransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-2*'eComparewi'eunspec. comp. form ofwi-1*'e
wa'įwah'-EEⁿsucceed in pushing, punching, thrusting, writing, etc.verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-2*'įComparebo'įunspec. comp. form ofbo-*'įda'įunspec. comp. form ofda-2*'įra'įunspec. comp. form ofra-2*'įru'įunspec. comp. form ofru-*'įwi'įunspec. comp. form ofwi-1*'įunsuccessful in pushing, punching, writing, etc.
wa'į skunyiwah'-EEⁿ SKOO-nyeeunsuccessful in pushing, punching, writing, etc.verbunspec. comp. form ofwa'įunspec. comp. form ofwa-2*'į-skunyiComparera'į skunyiunspec. comp. form ofra'į-skunyiru'į skunyiunspec. comp. form ofru'į-skunyiwi'į skunyiunspec. comp. form ofwi'į-skunyi
wa'i'shawah'-EE'-shahmake a person laugh by punching, or pushing at themtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-2i'shaComparera'i'shaunspec. comp. form ofra-2i'sharu'i'shaunspec. comp. form ofru-i'shawi'i'shaunspec. comp. form ofwi-1i'sha
wa'ikirubrąwah'-EE-kee-roo-brahⁿmix, as different kinds of corn or wheat by stirring with a sticktransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-2ikirubrąComparegi'ikirubrąunspec. comp. form ofgi-1ikirubrąra'ikirubrąunspec. comp. form ofra-2ikirubrąwi'ikirubrąunspec. comp. form ofwi-1ikirubrą
wa'irikuwah'-EE-ree-koopull open a little, or to push to a little, as a doortransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-2Compareirikuje hijehiunspec. comp. form ofhijehiru'iriku hinąhiunspec. comp. form ofru-hinąhi
wą'shigeWAHⁿ'-shee-gayperson/peoplenoununspec. comp. formwą'shige ahuhumannounmannounWą'shige ga'e nąnkerida ch'e hąnge irogrenye ke/ki.That man was found dead long ago.Archaic Variantmą'shigeFree Variantmą'shigewąx'shigeWAHⁿX'-shee-gayWhile often referring to the idea of a gender neutral "person," this term can also imply "man."The Only ManHe Only Is a Human BeingFemale Who Is the Only Human BeingrunnerdollWater PersonWater Human FemaleHuman Female That Lives in the WaterWater Human Being Femaletalk as if someone was a great person, although they are poor, etc. - used in ridiculehorse ridernoblemanGreat Manhuman voicescarify the fleshscratch and draw blood, from a person, as a cat doescommunitycompanymany menIndianNative Americanhuman bonesall or different kinds of personswomanfemale personReal Human FemaleReal Human Being Femaleblack personNegrodancer
wą'shige ahuWAHⁿ'-shee-gay ah-HOOangelnounsynWakąnda wawayį etawe 1unspec. comp. form ofwą'shige 1person/peopleahu 1wingunspec. comp. form ofa2hu1