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adâh2ʔadɤhprtonly; at all; completely; go aheadNdóung ân yôl uih ngkếh idứh, kếh ngai xear trâm adâh tốq daq.When there was still fire, they got down under the water, wallowing completely in the water.Idứh lâyq bôn amứng uxứp, u–át adâh, u–át nhóung ntréinh.Previously didn’t have bark clothing to put on, he lived bare, he was watching lice (bare chested).tô adâhid.toː ʔadɤhinterj1stop completely; forget it completelyAnáq i–âq boi, acóuq, ao iêm ma tô adâh!Although lacking salt, bush knives, and clothing but forget it period!synthoui 1thoui 2
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