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ca1kaːquant1all2both...andCa ngay ca dau.Both day and night.
ca2kaːrelrelator that; whichOr is this Bru? see ndon.
ca-kaːv.pfxcausativeCacheit; ca–ưq; caxout mát.Kill; agree; close eyes.cfpa-ta-1
ca=kaː1v.clitcollectiveKeat-cakeat.To cut around-to cut all the way around.clitic form of ca ‘all’; Occurs on some one-syllable verbs.cfDUP.Ca1spec: babar, pape, papoan, xaxông, chachít ‘all two; all three; all four; all five; all ten’2num.clitcollectiveCabar, cape, capoan.All two, all three, all four.clitic form of ca ‘all’; Occurs on one-syllable numerals.; These are synonymous with the reduplicative collectives, i.e., babar, pape, papoan, xaxông, chachít.
ca daqkaː daːʔnmug5.2.2.7DrinkVN
ca daqmug
ca lưkaː lɯːsp. var. ofcalưtestify; confirm
ca ungkaː ʔuːŋndream; wish
cabayhkabasvpblink; wink
cabâmkabɤmvtgrab with teeth; carry in teethLike tiger that carries away in teeth.syndông tacóng
cabâuqkabɤwʔvtclaw; taloncfrbâuq
cabêkabeːvcarry child in armssyncabêq7.3.1Carry
cabêmkabeːmvthold; carry on frontIn contrast to the basket on the back7.3.1Carry
cabêqkabeːʔvcarry cradles in armssyncabê7.3.1Carry
cabeamkabḭamvhold in beak or mouth, between teeth
cabipkabiːpviclose mouthantcahốqrt: hốq7.3.6.1Shut, close2.1.1.4Mouth
cabínhkabiɲvsthickantcadapl dial.: kida8.2.3Thick
cabouiqkabṵːjʔvtmanner of tying up long hair in the old daysCabouiq xóuc ngcư toiq tốq nâh, tamme icúp xóuc tư cư bôn acay.I tied my hair long to here, more recently cut hair since I had children.7.5.4Tie
cacanhvtsprout; phase of rice growing
cacálkakalvshorizontal; slanted, leaning; width; crosswiseanttantưng7.1.6Lean8.3.1.4Horizontal8.2.4Wide
cacánkakannfemales; womenVi poan ngin náq, lâyq itíng ngai ân cacán anha ape cakét.There were 4,000, not counting women and children.
cacâhkakɤhvscaved in (of gradual incline where bank caves in)
cacaơrkakɯ̰ːrvishake; tremblesyncacưtsit: tandưr cacưtcfavítdo avítparngír3.4.2.4Afraid7.2.2.8Move back and forth7.1.9Move a part of the body
caclatkaklaːtvtslice in large piecessynparéinhpk dial.: papránhcfparéinhpk dial.: papránh7.8.3Cut
caclángkaklaŋvisee far awayAs viewing panorama from mountain top.