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eʔɛːvtguard, maintain watch over; be careful ofIhour e ngco ma dơi lâyq chein u–át, yôl aham.When roasting, beware of the bamboo section (so it doesn’t burn), but it still isn’t cooked, there is still blood.synbár1tupouicfbár2caus: tabár; nomi: parbár; recp: tarbár; rep: babár
eiḭːnrat call
eihʔḭːhvtsewsynng–eih6.6.1Working with cloth
eirḭːrvbear, take it without resistance, e.g., child holds head still for haircut; not retaliate for evil spoken, etc.Do cốh lư béinh eir.He is very patient/long suffering.Vi do ân púh cư ma lâyq cư tông aliêh ado, lâyq cư táq aliêh ado.There was one who beat me, but I didn’t talk back to him, didn’t do back to him.
eir pantiḭːr pəntiːvsfatalistic as to continue to lie as dead after a fall, as if expect to die
eng ngutʔɛːŋ ŋuːtvsviolet; purple8.3.3.3Color
epʔɛːpvidemand, e.g., spoiled child begging; to coercesyndoixeqnomi:paxeq, parxeq; recp:tarxeq; rep:xixeqcfarápnomi:parráp; redup:rráp ráp4.2.1.1Invite3.3.3.4Insist
eqʔɛːʔvtwant (mostly used in compound with ính) synính1nomi: par–ính; recp: tar–ính3.3Want
et otʔɛːt ʔɔːtexpsound of bamboo rubbingcfclóq12.3.2.2Sound