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oaʔṵavtwantItâc ti mo i–át ti kếh; itâc a–ây oa xu tâc, ngkếh cáh vi yang.Wherever one sacrifices, there one stays; to sacrifice like want to sacrifice, that wouldn’t be lucky.He táq tốq cang Pacóuh oa ngai cannóh ngai chom.We put it into Pacoh language want others to understand.3.3Want
oalʔṵalvchoke throatIcha nhaq cốh oal.One eats fast so chokes.cfcúc3pl dial.: hoqhoqsit: hoq nghang; caus: pahoq; nomi: parhoq; pa dial.: cúc5.2.2Eat2.2.1Breathe, breath
oanʔṵanvijealous; bitter, resentful, bear a grudgesynboaq3., ill will3., detest4.3.2.1Despise someone
oar xoqʔahṵar sɔːʔngulch; cry creek bed (only water when rains)synxoqcl: ntrayh1.3.2Movement of water
oatʔṵatnkind of singingcfchachâp