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Pacoh - English


papaːnside; sleeping placesynntíqnomi: bíq8.6.3Side
pa-pav.pfxcausativePacha.Cause to eat, i.e., feed.Payóung.Cause to be up high.Adơaih idứh dông palúh alứng canchop acho.That monkey took causing-to-run with dog’s paws.Ndóung ngai pannhoup pidieiq, do lâyq vi chao xoaq aliêh.When they caused bad caused difficult, he didn’t.M-initial roots, e.g., mout ‘enter’, take ta-. syna-2ta-1cfca-pi-
pa dúngpaː duŋnroof of house
pacaipakaːjnwatermelon5. from vegetables
pacangpakaːŋvsbad, wildcfphôngsit: nnáq phông
pacánpakanvtrevile; oppose; speak evil ofsyncanhétcapalchao anôi
pacáp ngcángpakap ŋkaŋvpsilenced; shut their mouthssyncâng lâng
pacârpakɤrvtsurprise, startle3.4.1.3Surprise
paclaipaklaːjvidispel sadness; cheer up; pacifycfpaclácrt-v: clác3.4.1Feel good4.8.4.8Make peace3.4.1.2Happy4.8.4.3Appease
paclácpaklakvtdistract; cause to be confusedAs to cover your work so you forget what you were doing; ignore those pestering.cfpaclai
paclác paclêupaklak pakleːwvtdistract; cause to be confused
paclâupaklɤwunspec. comp. form ofclâu
pacléhpaklɛhvttake asideDo dông ape pacléh nday.He took them aside.
pacoum palipakṵːm paliːncloth woven by hair of dead to make skyCán Pathen Palui tanh pacoum pali rong xóuc.Woman Pathen_Palui (mythical ancestor) out and weaves cloth of hair.
PacóhpakɔhnpropPacoh, people of the mountainIncorrectly called Ta–oy.
pacóngpakɔŋnarm’s lengthDyê ngcốh carbơ idứh cahốq mâh pacóng.Then the crocodile opened it’s mouth an arm length.cfachângnomi: rachâng; recp: rchâng châng
PacóuhpakṵhnpropPacoh, people of the mountainIncorrectly called Ta–oy.
pacóumpakṵmncolored, expensive material (cloth)
pacóum pakítpakṵm pakitncolored, expensive material (cloth)
pacôngpakoːŋnfork of tree--large branchescftucáh
pacơtpakɤːtvtcause to become
pacra palnopakraː pəl.nɔːvrepair
pacrang phatpakraːŋ phaːtvtdiscipline; correct