Pacoh - English


n=ʔncl.clitoneNlám acho nlám ticuai.One dog and one person.This n= is listed separately from n= ‘relativizer’ because this is a special usage found in Pahi. ; It appears that use of the relativizer/nominalizer emphasizes the individualization of the classifier, not allowing for more than
N-ʔəm; ʔən; ʔəŋ; ʔəɲ; ʔəldet.pfxpfxprefix on demonstratives and two classifiers turning them into identifiers or determiners, rather than describers.Nnéh; ngcốh; ntíh; ntóh; llám; nnáq.This/these one(s); that/those one(s); up there one(s); down there one(s); the thing(s); the person(s).N- is speculated to have been grammaticalized from n= clitic of the relativizer ân. cfN=par-2
N=ʔənn.clitpossessor cliticNgcư, mmay, ndo, nnháng, ng-he, ngngai, ndo ipe, ndo ape.Mine, yours, his, ours, ours, theirs, yours (pl), theirs.Short for ndo. Precedes pronouns to make them possessive (ndo precedes two-syllable pronouns and any nouns).; (Alternatively a prefix grammaticalized from a previous clitic).cfân1 1N-
-N/L-[C]ə[N/L]n.nfxnominalizer of verbsAtéiq > ntéiq; táq > rnáq; pôc > pannôc.Start > the start; do > the doing; go > the going.Pahoc > parhoc.Teach (cause to learn) > the teaching.Do táq tannáq ân lâyq o.He does doings that are not good.Nouns derived from verbs by infixation of nasals or liquids.; Changes verb to noun by infixation (almost always resulting in a CVC presyllable in which schwa is short--exception: canóh ‘chopping board’)cfcan-par-3ra-
na1naːnpath; trailcfcarna 1rt:na6.5.4.1Road7.2.1.1Walk
na2naːprepalong; direction; place9.2.4Prepositions, postpositions8.5.1.2Beside
nachu cheinacuː cḭːncicada
nal1naːlnstoneNgai péinh dáng búl, dáng nal.They ‘shot’ with stones with stones.2nd part of búl_nal
nal2naːladvno-way; no matter how much or how many waysA–i a–ám tức lếh ma nal lâyq hôi paơ, lâyq chom amâh cha.Mother and father sacrificed, but still I couldn’t recover, didn’t know what was eating.
nalnícnəl.nikexpof crawling (as snake)
nalnungnəl.nuːŋexpof large stomachcfnannêrtung nung
nam1naːmvscarelesslyTalêng may doq tông nôra, may acâp nam may tông au!If you dare promise in the future, don’t promise carelessly!
nam2naːmnsouthXeang nam is not as strong as tulưng.
nanáqnanaʔvsalonesynmâh náq 1
nannâlnən.nɤladvpowerfully; strongly
nannâyhnən.nɤsexpof stiff arched backNannâyh pôc nâyh nâyh.Going with a stiff arched back.cftâyh nâyhspec:bíq tâyh nâyh
nannêrnən.neːrexpof one with large stomach runningcfnalnungtêr nêrtung nung
nannolnən.nɔːladvaround in circlesAcho lalúh nannol.The dog is running in circles.
nangnTitle of famous Girls in stories
nang TangứcnpropMiss Hardhead, also daughter of Mr. Rich in story
napnaːpvtturn-over; give-upNgai cop anha dông pôc nap ado ape ân areaih cadyiq.They caught them and brought and turned them over to the leaders to hold.
natnaːtadvruined, tramped downNnau táq ngéq nat a–ứm nnéh?Who tramped down all this corn?cfpinat