Pacoh - English


eaʔḭavtinviting another village to sacrifice and feast4.2.1.1Invite
eaihʔḭasvttoast; roast (corn, peanuts); fry; sautécfângnomi:par–âng; recp:tar–âng; invol:ta–âng; rep:a–âng; nomi:ntângbóuh 1nomi: parbóuh; recp: tarbóuh; invol: tabóuh; pc dial.: bốhbóuh ca parlocatau1caxeicsit: caxeic boaiqtacóuh5.2.1.1Cooking methods
ealʔḭalvtake; take outKi ngai eal apóng tâq cuteq alic cha.Then they took taro to the ground for pigs to eat.Usually of something that is in something, but not