Pacoh - English


la1laːlahbecopidentification marker, like ‘be’Cốh ma vi llám acay cumour nốh do lah Nang Tangức.But there was a maiden named Nang_Tanguc. Cốh achít bóuh ma lư toung pidóh vaih la yér carta.Then No.10 roasted it but it exploded becoming a ?? ladder.Ncốh láh cou ngai chom tarpour pour tartuaq.That’s because they know how to help each other.This is the most frequent use of la, especially by the Pahi who borrow the most from Vietnamese.VN
la2laːvcrack opensynaq27.8.1Break
la3laːprthuh?; eh?Nhóung imo inha xâr tốq néh, day cáp la?Look how you came up here. Shall I bite you?
la4laːconjjoins digits to tensMâh chít la moui kixay nưm.Eleven months only.
labaqlabaːʔnbetel leaf; betel chewcftarnemrt-v:tem1.5.1Tree
lacóullakṵlvlie curled up in circle5.7Sleep
lacrânglakrɤŋvlose weight rapidly when sick8.2.3.3Thin person
lahlaːhPronunc.Variant ofla1be
lailaːjvtcast a net; unroll something like rope, thread, etc.May lai mbâr ngcốh he nhóung li mmo toiq.You unroll cord that we see how long.cftilairt:lai
laihlaːsnbrass reed in khên instrument
laiqlaːjʔvtsteerDo ân laiq tau.The sailor (or pilot).VN
laiq khêhlaːjʔ kheːhvtease in sense of purposely provoking to angersyncamoaihléinhrecp: tarléinh; pk dial.: accflưtcaus: talưt3.
laiq puônlaːjʔ puənnmerchant
lakinglakiːŋnpoisonous snake1.
lalalalaː1vistir up water2vsexp stirred up (of water)Carchâq daq cou xeang pru dyê vaih lala níc.Waves because the wind blows and causes it to be stirred up continually.
laláqlalaʔnposition ‘spread eagle’, something beaten or dead
lalâulalɤwnyoung man--adolescentNo children yet.
lalénlalɛnvalready risen high (water)1.3.2Movement of waterVN?
laliênglaliəŋvsface up position; backwardscfdứmcaus:pandứmpiliêng18.3.1.4Horizontal8.5.2.2Backward
laliêng liênglaliəŋ liəŋvsface up position; backwards
lallaisp. var.lâl lairecentvsrecentArom ân aki nnéh nnáng Arom ân lallai íh nnáng Arom tiêq.
lallanləl.laːnvlooking all over failing to find something in plain view
lallénləl.lɛnPronunc.Variant oflâl lén
lalléoqləl.lɛwʔviinsert words speaker is about to speaksynnhanh nhéoqnhânh nhéoq
lallêmləl.leːmvsgood, flourishing--of plants8.3.7Good4.4.1Prosperity