anhúq1ʔaɲuʔvtbear, suffer; endureNám táq lâyq phep cốh ma anhúq pếq acay, cốh nnau canhin moui láh a–eq ado dúng xu cruông cuteac.If act immoral so suffer pregnancy, so they must repent and it’s a sin against the community and region.Campay tông, “Amouih adâh Achít your cucheit, amouih ma imo hôi itáq, anhuq cucheit íh vi i–ính.”His wife said, “Pity for Achít dying, pity, but what can one do, suffer death though not wanted.”Cư dông parlai nnéh chom nám anhúq prứp cốh i–ính.I brought this medicine, not knowing if I might suffer a fall and so need it.Anhúq bo acân, achai dông ao bo.Will suffer rain later, so bring your raincoat.Acân anhúq idau, achai mout tốq dúng cư.If you suffer nightfall, come into my house.Bưih yốh anhúq cucheit.Not yet suffered death.Ki mang anhuq cucheit.Destiny to suffer death.Adversative but not passive. Cannot take a clause as complement as VN bị can?; Only in adversative cases of trường_hợp. cfbiqcholpl dial.:choul

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