dếq1deʔvtstep or stamp; defeatKiteing canteing, dếq yep!Tighten your belt and put on (step into) your sandals!Do nhóung ngéq ucha, ulôn cốh púh do cốh, dếq pangốh ngéq xéich ân ulôn cốh ngéq ngốh.He saw he ate it all and swallowed it, so he hit him and stamped out all the meat he had swallowed so it all came out.Ndóung mo cư bôn dếq ngéq do ân a–ính pi–ốh amay.Whenever I get to defeat all those who hate you.Dếq_plô ‘stomp head’ is figurative for defeating.7.1.9Move a part of the body

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